Game Pass: The former Xbox executive fears the influence of the service industry

On Sunday (22), during an Xbox Expansion Pass podcast interview, Ed Fries – Former CEO Microsoft And part of the original release team XboxSaid he feared the impact that Game The pass May have in the gaming market.

“I’m afraid of Game Pass because there is a similar service called Spotify, which was created for the music business. When Spotify took off, it destroyed the music industry, literally halving its annual revenue. This made people just no longer buy music. So we have to be careful not to create the same system in the gambling business. “These markets are more fragile than people think,” Fries said.

He also explained that for consumers this may be very interesting, but subscription services may not be a good option for the market, and although the percentage of games currently in Microsoft service is small compared to the general picture of releases. , Its evolution could lead to the collapse of the industry in the future.

However, Christopher Dring, ReedPop’s head of B2B games, realized Fries’s concern if game subscription models had reached the same level as Spotify, but said he did not believe it was possible.

“There is a lot of talk right now about how addictive subscription services were to the creators. Not only were they their own source of income, but they also immediately brought games to millions of people. “There are many examples of games joining the service on the console, becoming extremely popular and generating normal sales on other platforms,” ​​Dring said.

Christopher also added that the game subscription models are different from other forms of entertainment, such as music and series, the last two being shorter and linear. In addition, he also noted that these services may not be very interesting for some players.

“If you are a person who plays only a few titles a year – like it FIFA And ძCollection of duty – What is the probability of subscribing to the service with hundreds of options? It remains to be seen how great the subscription services for the games will be. ”

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