“Game Night,” a national series based on role-playing games, debuts September 15 on YouTube

Photo credit – Marilia Pero

On September 15, the first national series inspired by foreign productions and based on RPG games, “Game Night”Debut on Youtube.

The first season has 10 episodes and has a script, characters and production prepared by Santa Catarina. Joe Rowan and Daniel Zabot.

Ladon’s Passage, which is the title of an unpublished Dungeons & Dragons adventure starring the actor, is about a group of young men trying to save their city from an ancient evil that is trying to reclaim its ancient power. For this, they must learn to deal with difficulties and help the legendary warrior. But can this hero be trusted?

Meet the characters:

Kasamir, The Living Dead Warrior – Once upon a time, Ladon Passage was full of adventure. Heroes and villains walked the streets and among them was Kasamir the bloodthirsty. But the ruthless warrior was betrayed and his name and his own body were forgotten by history. Now mysterious circumstances have resurrected the dead, awakened legendary adventurers, and Kasamir the Warrior lives once more, only with no memory of his past life. Kasamir, hero or villain? What will he do with this second chance?

Kasamir is a character Daniel Zabot, producer and partner of “Game Night”. Dan Zabot has a management degree with extensive experience in communications. He works as a spokesperson, business consultant, besides being responsible for the communication of various enterprises and projects. A member of the table as a player, Daniel is also a partner and producer of “Game Night”, the project’s financial director and commercial director.

YAS, SHORT-FUME INVENTOR – Ya has red hair and marks scattered all over her body that look like burns, but this is inherited from her mother, who disappeared when she was still a child, and her father, Alexander Silva, does not like to talk about it. He owns SILVA FERROSA, the best blacksmith shop in Ladon Passage. But to Ya’s surprise, he always does the same thing. If only he could help it, but no! He says: “It’s not for girls!”. What drives a young woman seriously?

Yas Silva is a character Gabi Magnani, actor and communicator. Gabi is the main character in the works “A Fita Vermelha”, a film that won the Ibero Challenge 2021 and was shown at the Cannes Festival; “The ties that bind” and “Maleficarum”. He appeared in the feature film “A Pirâmide” and was the host of All Play, a live show run by Stage Music Park. He is currently in the creative direction of the reality show “Loja Que Vence” and in addition to being a player, he is also a member of the production team of “Game Night”. In addition to audiovisual and theater projects and advertising campaigns, Gabi works as a storytelling and communication speaker throughout Brazil, in addition to teaching public speaking classes.

Liz, an alternate half-elf witch – Liz is half-elf. Humans are half-elves like elves and elves are like humans, so Liz didn’t belong anywhere. She spent her childhood running away from orphanages, hopping from house to house until she fell in love with the mysterious Eamn as a young man. One night, a seductive elf demanded a promise from Lizzie, and when she opened her eyes, he was gone, leaving behind only a book of spells. Now, when Liz reads the book, she feels as if she hears Eamn’s voice inside her.

It’s Liz’s character Luisa Enricone Actor and singer. Louise has a degree in international relations from UFSC and is pursuing a degree in music at UDESC. He participated in several theater and musical shows, including “Aventuras em Alto Mar”, “Rapunzel”, “Peter Pan”, “The Lion King” and “Cinderella”. He is currently the lead singer of Banda Havana and a teacher of vocal expression.

Jamal, in search of his legacy – Jamal is a descendant of the great adventurer Imar Pasha, but over time this heritage was thrown into the mud. He grew up knowing that his ancestor was just a talking con, and to tarnish the family’s reputation, his father committed a crime and became the only escapee in Passagem. What a shame! Jamal lives with his old aunt Neides and sells soups in the town square. But sometimes this money is not enough to buy the medicine he needs. It would be so easy to grab a few wallets… but he never does. Aunt Neide’s heart could not bear it if Jamal followed in his father’s footsteps. Besides, his biggest dream is to be able to clear his name and walk down the aisle with his head held high.

Jamal’s character Rael Irene, actor, singer and comedian. Rael participated in the production of “Arlequim, Servant of Dois Amos” and “O Santo ea Porca”. Among his original works, he participated in the play “Os Inventores de Cabeças Vazias” and the musical “X-Quem!? – Origins” is inspired by and full of references to geek culture. As a singer, he was part of choral groups that participated in international song festivals and was one of the creators and producers of the project “Noite da Comédia 8th edition”, a series of shows that brought together the new talent of Florianopolis comedy.

Saori, Cleriga Patricina – Daughter of tycoon Bartholomew and Frederica Evans, beautiful Saori is five minutes older than her twin sister Naomi. The Evans family lives in a mansion in Passagem’s best neighborhood, and the girls grow up with the best, but after her mother dies, Saori has never been the same. He began to have strange dreams where he was visited by God, a being full of light. Although people see her as a spoiled rich girl, Saori wants to prove that she is more than that. Just because a girl has sophisticated taste doesn’t mean she isn’t special and tough.

Saori Evans is a character Helena Mayer Actress and model. Helena starred in her first play at the age of 10, “as Sete Cara da Verdade” and did not stop. He followed his acting studies and starred in the plays “O Tempo Muda Tudo”, “Emília, A Morte da Liberdade” and series such as “DEAD” and “Em Conflict”. He was the casting coach for the shorts “Peak a Boo”, “Tiara de Sangue”, “Rosa Fatal” and “The Final Justice”. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from UDESC, majoring in Foreign Trade, is an English teacher and has Miss Florianópolis 2017, Miss Grande Florianópolis 2018 and competed in Miss Brazil 2018.

KORBA, Gnomo municipal gardener – Before moving to the passage, Korba lived in his parents’ lair in the forest, a sacred place for dwarves who didn’t care to live or know about the city and said that certain people should keep their things, but Korba always dreamed. To take him to all corners of nature, even if his parents do not understand him. They are old-fashioned and do not accept their son’s strange wishes, so brave Korba decides to go his own way. Today, he lives in his own den and works as the official gardener of the passage. He is also responsible for the lush gardens of Evans Palace, one of the city’s beauties.

Korba is a character Leo Brandao, actor and academician. Leo has a theater degree from UDESC and an MA in art theory and history, where he developed a series of actions, studies and projects aimed at understanding the RPG. In her dissertation, she explores role-playing practices as a performative act, analyzing them through the prism of concepts such as play, performance, dramaturgy, and theatrical interpretation. In the field of theater, he participated as an actor in “Os Saltimbancos”, “Em dias de ogra”, “Assemblage”, “Müllermaterial” and others. As a director, the productions “Complexo de Cinderela”, “Meu Amigo de Brinquedo”, “Uróboro” and “Soundtease – Um som que me provokes” stand out, in which he also acted as a playwright. In addition to working as an art teacher at school and in theater interpretation and dramaturgical text creation workshops.

The “Game Night” series was born from the desire to share the producers while playing on super detailed and interactive maps, in addition to being inspired by programs such as: NerdcastRPG (Jovem Nerd and Azaghal), End Time (Jambo Editora). ), Codename Skyfall (Master Pedrok), Paranormal Order (Cellbit), Game Chinchilla (Vinzaum).

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