Game defined screen? Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

240Hz, Super Ultra Wide, 1ms, 5120×1440 … Yes, I think nothing is missing

The Odyssey G9 line upgrade has arrived in the Brazilian market, with Samsung’s impressive 49-inch screen with a 32: 9 aspect ratio. This upgrade brings MiniLEDs, an advanced technology from LCDs to TVs from a South Korean company, to a line of gaming monitors. In addition to the G9, the most traditional model in 16: 9, the Odyssey Neo G7, also brings this new technology from the company to gamer models.

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LCD screens rely on lighting to display images, but traditional lighting has a drawback: light leakage. When there is light in the zone, this light jingles into the surrounding pixels, creating a lush or aura effect around some objects, especially when there is a high contrast between white and black. Below is an idea of ​​how this happens:

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MiniLEDs solve this by using multiple lighting points and their much larger targets. The screen of the Odyssey Neo G9 uses a total of 2048 much more targeted lighting zone, which prevents this light from leaking into the pixels that should be dark, and also increases the brightness intensity.

In terms of other features, this monitor is a gamer’s dream. Its 32: 9 aspect ratio means that it is equivalent to two 16: 9 screens side by side, with the advantage that there is no separation between them and thus creates an immersive experience that can only compete with a virtual reality headset.

The screen also has a large number of pixels, equivalent to high definition Quad HD, at 1440p and twice the width of Quad HD, giving the impressive 5120 at 1440 pixels, which is slightly lower than the 4K screen resolution.

For gameplay, it also has a high refresh rate of 240 Hz with a combined low response time of 1 ms, making this set a powerful option for gaming, including support for G-Sync as well as Freesync Premium, in addition to VRR DisplayPort and HDMI. 2.1, which makes a difference for anyone thinking about using a new generation console on this screen.

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Full specifications:

– Screen size: 49 inches
– Screen curvature: 1000R
– Screen aspect ratio: 32: 9
– Brightness (typical): 420 cd /?
– Peak brightness (normal): 2000 cd /?
– Brightness (min.): 300 cd /?
– Static contrast ratio: 1,000,000: 1
– Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega DCR
– HDR10 +
– Resolution: 5,120 x 1,440
Response time: 1 (GTG)
– Color gamma (NTSC 1976): 88% (advice)
– Color gamma (DCI coverage): 95% (Tip)
– sRGB coverage: 125% (advice)
– Adobe RGB coverage: 92% (Tip.)
– Update speed: Max. 240 Hz
– FreeSyn: FreeSync Premium Pro
– G-Sync: Compatible with G-Sync

– HDMI: 2.1×2
– DisplayPort 1.4
– Audio input: No.
– Headphone: Yes
– USB hub: 2x USB 3.0

– HAS (height adjustable bracket) 120.0 ± 5.0 mm
– Slope -3.0 (± 2.0) ~ +13.0 (± 2.0)
– Rotation -15.0 (± 2.0) ~ +15.0 (± 2.0)
– VESA100x100 wall mount
– Size without support (WxHxD) 1149.5 x 363.5 x 287.4 mm
– Size with support (WxHxD) 1149.5 x 537.2 x 418.3 mm
– Weight with stand: 14.5 kg
– Weight without stand: 11.9 kg


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