Game Brasil poll reveals the profile of Brazilian gamers

Data were obtained from 13051 human responses from all Brazilian states

The 9th edition of the Brasil Survey (PGB) game conducted a survey on the profile of Brazilian players and their consumption habits. According to data from 13,051 human responses, from all states of Brazil, collected from 02/11 to 03/07, the survey shows that approximately 3 out of 4 Brazilians play electronic games. The result is a 2.5% increase over the previous year and reached 74.5% of the Brazilian population declaring the Games in 2022.

The middle class makes up 62.7% of the video game audience. Smartphones as a favorite platform of respondents (48.3%). The majority of gamers on consoles and computers are men, at 63.9% and 58.9%, respectively, while women dominate the mobile gaming market, at 60.4%.

It is important to note that when the PGB states that about 3 out of 4 Brazilians play games (74.5% of the population), This is an assessment Based on the results of the survey. Below you can find the most interesting results of the 9th edition of the Game Brasil Survey.

Profile of a Brazilian player

Based on 13,051 responses collected, the general profile of the Brazilian player is 51% female gamers and 49% male players. Women dominate the mobile gaming market with 60.4% of the audience, while men dominate the console and PC market with 63.9% and 58.9%, respectively.

Women make up the majority of the smartphone market, while men make up the majority of the PC and console market.

However interesting the research is, Notes that women no longer consider themselves players. 45.1% of women surveyed consider themselves players. 55.6% of men said they consider themselves players. In research, even if a person plays an electronic game, it does not necessarily mean that he considers himself a gamer. Due to the fact that part of the female audience is concentrated in the mobile market, it is probably difficult to consider oneself a “player”, because the image is very much associated with the computer and console.

In terms of social class, most Brazilian players are concentrated in the middle class (B2, C1 and C2). We see that Class D users have more advantages over smartphone games (15.2%) compared to console (5.8%) and PC (5.4%), which is logical due to the high cost of hardware in Brazil. Mobile phone is the most affordable option for games.

Class A shows the opposite result, with consoles (19.1%) and computers (14.3) being the preferred platforms, to the detriment of smartphones (9.4%). You The results indicate that the purchasing power of Brazilian players will affect their consumption pattern..

The study reveals a balanced percentage difference between age groups

In addition, the age group of Brazilian gamers is concentrated in the 16 to 29 age group. However the difference between the age groups is not as big as we see in the picture above. Carlos Silva, a partner at GoGamers, comments that the survey revealed a balanced percentage difference between age groups.The survey tells us that there is no age for playing electronic games because the percentage difference between the most diverse age groups is balanced. For example, people aged 30 to 34 make up 12.9% of players in Brazil, while people aged 35 to 39 make up 11.2% of the population.“.

The picture also reveals an interesting point when we observe young players (16 to 19 years old), we can observe the use of computer (19.5%) and smartphone (20.8%) while gaming, while the console (10.7) lags behind. Something that might indicate a tendency for young players to behave in the audience.

A very interesting point of the research shows that Brazilians have a great advantage over playing at home (95.4%), with friends / other people who are directly behind (27.1%) and move to the third position (14.4%), followed by work (13.6%) ).

The results indicate that Brazilians prefer not to play games while traveling, even if their favorite gaming platform is a smartphone. Possible reasons for this are several factors such as lack of security and inefficient / crowded public transport. Of course, it is not possible to name the reasons without further research, but it is interesting to note and compare this behavior, for example, with the Japanese gaming audience that has mobile and the Nintendo Switch as their favorite platform, and one of the reasons for this. These are situations of prolonged commuting from school / work to home

Favorite platforms

The smartphone turned out to be the Brazilian gamer’s favorite platform, 48.3%. In second place are consoles with 20.0%, if computers (15.5%) and laptops (7.8%) are considered as different platforms. If computers and laptops are grouped in one category, computers rank second with 23.3%.

From the data we observe how portable consoles are not the most popular among Brazilian gamers, 2.6%. If at the time of GameBoy every player dreamed of a portable console, nowadays It seems The Brazilian “received” the smartphone as his portable console.

PC Hardcore Gamer

Among the Brazilian players who play on the computer, 58.9% are male and 41.1% female. Some of the most interesting points of the study indicate that those who play mostly on the computer are more likely to consider themselves hardcore gamers, 64.3%.

In addition, 63.4% of PC gamers believe that PC offers better graphics and images compared to consoles and mobile market competitors. The results also indicate that the computer stands out in the young audience because of the wide range of personalization capabilities for each player’s needs. Another point is the expansion of eSports, which has strengthened and established the PC as a major competing platform.

The popularity of computers and the desire of Brazilians to play with the best graphics unfortunately collides with the high prices of hardware, which, despite the recent decline, are still beyond the reality of most Brazilian gamers, as research indicates. , Are mostly middle class.


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