Full compatibility: Intel Arc GPU can be used for gaming or data centers

Intel doesn’t limit its cards to games like NVIDIA GeForce or Titan

last week Intel promoted its innovation event, which served, among other things, to announce some of its new technologies, such as the new generation of Intel Core processors, codenamed. “Lake Raptor”. In addition, the portal also confirmed important information ServeTheHome which claims the company will allow its desktop graphics cards to be used for data centers as well.

“Intel isn’t limiting its desktop boards to just desktops. Unlike NVIDIA’s CUDA license, the company said it has no plans to ban its use on servers.”, describes the car. That is, it expands the use of new ones GPUBeyond the company’s games.

Intel follows a different line than NVIDIA

As the portal itself pointed out, Intel does not follow the line NVIDIA in their models of GPUs designed for gaming. THE NVIDIA Limits GeForce and Titan models to desktop only and does not provide dedicated drivers for data centers. Instead, the company has only one product line dedicated to servers with the capabilities and specifications to do so.

in this question Intel must get close to its other competitor, Oh my godwhich allows the use of its Radeon video cards in data centers and servers, although both Radeon and Arc were not designed for this purpose.

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New mid-range graphics cards from Intel

Like new NVIDIA 40 series GPU, “Ada Lovelace”Intel will start making new graphics cards available on October 12. The company confirms the offer of models Intel Arc A750 and Intel Arc A770Prices at home $289 and $329, respectively. Both are considered mid-range cards and should compete with similar models NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT.

The Intel Arc A750 GPU will also arrive on October 12th for $289

The Intel Arc A750 GPU will also arrive on October 12th for $289
Intel promises up to 53% more performance per dollar than the GeForce RTX 3060


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Source: ServeTheHome, VideoCardz


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