French government decides to ban aliens such as “eSports” and “streamer”

They will be, respectively, “jeu video de competition” and “joueur-animateur en direct”.

The French government is trying to preserve the language of its country as much as possible. One of your decisions now is Prohibit any English pronunciation in the gaming world. The words we usually say here, for example, “player” and “streamer”, Now it has to be said in French.

“The French Minister of Culture told the French news agency AFP (via The Guardian) that English expressions could be”Threshold for understandingPeople who are not players (or joueur / joueuse). The policy decision was published in the official government journal – “Journal officiel de la République française” and is already in force.

Although there is a new rule and it relates to English expressions and slang when it comes to games, it is limited to official government documents only. For example, nothing like “control” will be done by French streamers while they are live.

Nevertheless, French game magazines and websites were searched for French expressions or game-related terms. The idea for the Minister of Culture, in general, is to facilitate communication between the population.

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The French-speaking Académie Française warned earlier this year that the situation was “degradation that should not be taken for granted”. At the time, the academy highlighted some English terms such as “big data” and “drive-in” that eventually became common in the country.

As The Guardian itself points out, some expressions are easily translated, some not so much as “streamer” which becomes “joueur-animateur en direct”, which becomes something like “player-host live”, “cloud gaming” is “jeu “. video en nuage “(cloud video game) and” eSports “,” jeu video de competition “(competitive video game).

It is important to preserve the language of the whole country, but the world is moving more and more towards English globalization and this is inevitable. And you, do you agree with the French government? Leave your opinion.


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Source: The Guardian


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