Free Fire: Garena ‘quits’ clubs and creates uncertainty over LBFF’s future

Climate is one of the uncertainties involved Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF). After international news agency Reuters reported financial difficulties at the game developer’s headquarters in Singapore in recent days, the Brazilian office suffered a wave of layoffs on Monday. But these are just a few ingredients in the fog surrounding the future of one of the nation’s premier esports competitions.

report Throw it away! Six sources spoke to owners of the organization and people associated with Garena. Climate is deeply uncertain, even in the short term. In other words, the 2023 season. Clubs feel left out and cannot plan clearly for next year.

After the departure of top executives who looked after the sport of Garena, including Vinicius Lima and Filipe Monteiro, “PH Suman”, the clubs did not bring in new leaders. Leaders say communication is down at this point.

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– It is very disturbing (situation). We are blind – says the former champion of the tournament, who will not even be able to guarantee the next season.

– It is very disturbing (situation). We are blind – says the manager

Another important leader of Brazilian eSports says he lost the opportunity to see the long-term project of the LBFF. He emphatically says that the tournament is about to expire in Brazil.

– I am sure (that LBFF is taking a risk in Garena’s situation). I don’t even give a year and a half. It’s ugly,” he said.

Some observers agree that the league is going through a good commercial moment, with stable audience and commercial sales figures – strong sponsors and good numbers. However, the lack of dialogue and clarity of planning are points of concern.

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– Free Fire has numbers. I like the idea of ​​a franchise system, but the organization of Serie B – confirmed a week before – should not happen. The layoffs (mass layoffs) don’t concern me because it seems to be something from a project that got dropped or changed. I am worried if there is no news in three months – said another leader.

In addition to the recent layoffs at Garena, the company’s year was also marked by a stampede of senior employees seeking management positions at other companies.

LBFF brings together the main organizations in Brazil (Disclosure/LBFF)

Garena maintains a posture of silence

Trying to express himself by the report, Garena has not yet answered the questions. In fact, it’s a developer standard that provides little information to the public and also prevents employees from dealing with issues publicly.

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A new controversy a year after the scandal

Garena’s new crisis comes almost a year after the team cheating scandal during the access phase of LBFF 4 and 5. In this case, two teams, NewXGaming and Alt Gamers, received the broadcast link immediately, allowing them to wait for the games and know. Exactly where your opponents are. The person who shared the illegal link was Garena’s official caster, Markos “Solotov”.

Garena tried to close the case, but Andre Costa, former CEO of Alt Gamers, claimed that the company broke a backroom deal and decided to reveal the illegal scheme exclusively to Blog do Chandy. ge.globe. After the scandal broke, Garena refused to admit the case and did not contribute to the punishments, which led to protests by teams and players.


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