Fraudster sends Pix edited evidence and happens because of viral courage

Last Thursday (25), nutritionist and entrepreneur Jessica Rodriguez, 24, published A message that has gone viral Twitter About the attempt Blow Not too sophisticated. The criminal used the image editor, apparently from Instagram, Edit and Send a Fake payment receipt After acquisition with the entrepreneur.

After the scammer made a big purchase at the La Vieh online store founded by Rodriguez, he said he would send the payment after the goods were shipped. However, the nutritionist sent a driver to perform the delivery and did not receive the money until he complained to the prospective buyer.

Fortunately, he managed to contact the driver and asked him not to deliver the parcel until he had received the money. Meanwhile, the scammer sent a revised receipt that did not convince the entrepreneur and, thus, he confirmed that the purchase was an attempt at a coup.

“Suddenly he says there was a receipt [enviado], That I opened a total black photo I said I could not see it and sent it to me again. “The second print is a ‘transfer’ surprise … so I immediately called the driver and asked him to come back,” Rodriguez said. TecMundo.

“Photoshop” was wrong

The story shared on Twitter on Wednesday (25) has already been liked by more than 200,000 people and shared on social media with more than 16,000 profiles.

The entrepreneur reported that he did not suspect fraud from the beginning, as he referred to himself as Joao and said he owned a shop in Rio de Janeiro – including He directly contacted the alleged store profile on social media. In total, communication between the fraudster and the dietitian lasted just 20 minutes from the time the fraud was discovered.

Moved? Something wrong is not right.Source: Twitter

“Fortunately, I also knew my app was not there was Unstable, because 2 minutes ago I sold a few pieces and the pixie came! If you do not send this poorly done print and say [o comprovante] “He had not arrived yet, I would probably believe it and give it to the driver,” he said.

Jessica said she suffered another blow when she opened her store in February 2022. At the time he was buying pieces for his stock at a clothing store that had disappeared after payment was confirmed. “I did not recover [o dinheiro]. I have done nothing. Because they literally disappear from the map and I like it was “I was nervous about running La Vieh, I did not think about it,” Rodriguez added.

The cost of products sold is 3200 rubles.The cost of products sold is 3200 rubles.Source: Twitter

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