fpPS4: The PS4 emulator can now run more commercial games

A video posted by YouTuber BrutalSam presents tests with six games

PlayStation 4 Emulator, fpPS4, seems to be in full development. After disclosing the compatibility principle Two titles still in the month of MayLast Saturday (02) the YouTube channel BrutalSam presented a video of the new version of the program. Six game tests. version v30062022 It has been tested with video games a fairy tale, Spelunky, Cursed Castile (Cursed Castile EX), We are doomed, Sound mania and WMD Worms

Although the refresh rate of the titles varies, the performance of the games tested was, for the most part, good enough to be considered playable. but a fairy tale and Spelunky turned around 30 frames per second range pointed, Cursed Castile (Cursed Castile EX) and Sound mania Achieved performance above 50 fps.

On the other hand, We are doomed Had pretty poor performance, ranging from 4 to 8 frames per second. WMD Worms It doesn’t even open on your home screen. Sound mania and We are doomed It had already been tested and was good news for the title SEGA Which had a slightly higher and stable frame rate. Check out the tests posted by BrutalSam below.


Emulator fpPS4 It’s still in development and, for now, may have bugs when running games and is limited to simpler titles. Anyone can download it fpPS4 via this link on GitHub, as well as by accessing the emulator source code information on this page.

Description of the emulator

PS4 Compatibility Layer (Emulator) in Free Pascal

– Continues after commercial –

This project is started and started for fun


  • Free Pascal Compiler: 3.0.0 and above, x86_64 only.
  • Lazarus: 2.0.0 and above, x86_64 only.

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 x64 and above
  • CPU: x64, support AVX2
  • GPU: Vulkan API support


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Via: Wccftech Source: BrutalSam


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