Forza Horizon 5 will celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary in October with special events

Challenges, tracks, cars and music from previous games should return from the 11th of next month

Playground Games announced this Thursday (15) that Forza Horizon 5 Will take a few Special events next month to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary. According to the developer, The first Forza Horizon hit stores on October 23, 2012Create a legacy that will be celebrated in the form of new challenges and rewards for players.

From October 11, players will be able to download the latest version Horizon 10-Year Anniversary Update, which brings a new narrative thread that explains the origins of the Forza Horizon series. The developer also promises “The return of fans’ favorite songs on a new radio station“.

Another innovation that is coming to the fashion game Midnight Battles Modein which it will be possible Participating in one of the races will give you access to car models from previous versions. Although the developer has yet to confirm this information, the teaser it released suggests that we will see The return of some of the iconic cars that graced the covers of the series.

The Forza Horizon celebration will last four weeks

This was announced by Playground Games on its official website October 11 will be onlythe beginning of the fun. After that, players can look forward to at least four weeks of festivities that include birthday events and challenges, as well as A new playlist focused on previous games.

The developer promises Reveal more details about what Forza Horizon 5 players can expect in the coming weeks Through broadcasts on their official networks. So far, he hasn’t clarified whether things like the new soundtrack tracks will remain in the game after the event, or if they’ll be omitted after it’s over.

Forza Horizon 5 is now available for Xbox and PC platforms, which can be purchased from the Microsoft Store or on Steam. the game too is part of Game Pass fixed catalog and received its latest update last Tuesday (13), which brought new hints and bug fixes to both platforms.

Forza Motorsport will run at 4K on Xbox Series X and 1080p on Xbox Series S

Forza Motorsport will run at 4K on Xbox Series X and 1080p on Xbox Series S
The game will have real-time ray tracing on the track


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