Forza Horizon 5 Gets Support for DLSS 2.0 and FSR 2 with New Raytracing Options on PC

The game will offer new Ultra and Extreme graphics options for ray tracing and will have performance improvements with DLSS 2.0 and FSR 2 support.

developer Forza Horizon 5Playground Games announced soon There will be a new updatewhich will lead to Better performance and a new look on PC. A game that already has excellent quality graphics, Will get a new implementation in the ray tracing tab EhDLSS 2.0, FSR 2 and DLAA enhancement technologies will be supported.

According to the game developer, the recommended hardware requirements to run these new features are as follows:

Operating system: Windows 10
Processor: Ryzen 7 3800 XT or Intel Core i7-10700k
Video card: Radeon RX 6800 XT or NVIDIA RTX 3080
RAM: 15 GB
Memory: 110 GB SSD

Ray Tracing: More reflection quality options

Some of the new ray tracing settings render reflections at half resolution, while others render at native resolution. And added new options, Ultra and Extreme, which cover the features for Photo Mode and Free Roam + Races, as shown in the image below:

The game will get three scaling options for the player to choose from

Check out the new scaling options in Forza Horizon 5

1 – Implementation of NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling technology: DLSS 2 (version 2.4), where in performance mode, frames will be generated in Full HD (1080p) and reconstructed from artificial intelligence and increased to 4K resolution, increasing the FPS rate. ;

2 – implementation of DLAA anti-aliasing technology, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms and works on the same principle as DLSS, but does not increase the image by scaling, but improves it, corrects its quality with native resolution;

3 – Implementation of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: FSR 2 (version 2.2) technology, which has a temporal enhancement technique. This means that FSR 2.0 not only uses current frame information, but also reuses data from previous game frames to create a better and more consistent image reconstruction for higher resolutions, increasing frame rates.

The new update adds visual improvements and features that should keep Forza Horizon 5 on PC strong for a long time to come! The title is playable on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The new features mentioned above will be part of the next Donut Media update, which will be released on November 8, 2022. The game can be purchased through Steam, the official Xbox website or by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass at


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