Fortnite v.22.20: Hard party in Fortnite: Nightmares 2022

In Fortnite 22.20, DJ Lika is in the Tree of Reality and will help you transform into a wolf monster…with wolf abilities.

Becoming a monster is only part of it Fortnite: Nightmares 2022. You can also complete Tasks for special rewards, take on Cube Monsters in Build Zero’s Fiery Horde, build your own party with vault items, and more. Fortnite: Nightmares will continue until November 1st, 2022 at 3am PDT!

Screaming claws, sharp senses

While you’re not dancing to DJ Lyka’s tunes, hop on one Altars of Alteration reality tree. In them you will have the opportunity to perform A ritual gesture. After completing the ritual you will receive Howling claws. Are you far from the tree of reality? Don’t worry, you can find altars elsewhere. By equipping the claws, you will gain supernatural abilities of the dog:

Lupine’s light ability

Equipped with howling claws, shout to activate the ability Lupine light, which gives you a limited-time tracking vision that repeatedly marks nearby enemies. At the end of the skill’s duration, or if there are no enemies in range, it will go on cooldown.

(The tracker’s vision is marking you? Your sixth sense will alert you with a loud heartbeat that gets louder as the beast approaches…)

Fortnite Howler Claws

Howling claws.

cutting ability

Equipping Howling Claws will obviously give you claws. Only those claws aren’t just sharp keratin. skillfully outlineYou can perform any combination of four attacks.

Air Slash Ability

With claws, you can also make a slide in the air. skillfully Air slaughterYou can perform a double jump that damages opponents on landing.

No structure, lots of monsters

Fortnite Zero Build Horde Rush

The fiery horde is back! Only this time the Cube Monsters came with an ace in hand… the fiery horde Zero construction! Against hordes of monsters, can you and your companions collect score multipliers, get combos, survive in different locations and still defeat the Final Boss without the help of buildings? Take advantage of Build Zero Fiery Horde will be available Long after Fortnite: Nightmares ended Discovery! (Before v.22.40 maintenance starts on November 15th.)

That’s right, Build Zero Fiery Horde will continue for a little while after November 1st. After Fortnite: Nightmares ends, complete the available Fiery Horde Tasks to earn a special reward…

Face your nightmares in Fortnite

You already know about the tasks of the fiery horde, but do not forget Fortnite Tasks: Nightmares, which starts now! These quests require you to perform the Shrine of Change ritual, visit the evil townhouse and other haunted locations, and use items recovered from the vault, such as A tooth This is Pumpkin launcher. Complete Fortnite Tasks: Nightmares to earn EXP… and some nice little surprises.

Fortnite Candy and Pumpkin Launcher

Fortnite Candy and Pumpkin Launcher: Nightmares

Two Fortnite Tasks: Nightmares will be available daily for 14 days. By completing 5 tasks, you will unlock Hang Glide has come to an end. Complete 13 tasks to unlock Rear accessory chrome column. And by completing 25 tasks, you’ll unlock it Discard Pickaxe. These tasks will be available until the end of Fortnite: Nightmares on November 1st at 3:00 AM PDT.

Fortnitemares bonus objective rewards

Islands beyond paradise

Fortnitemares Callout

Want to keep the adrenaline pumping? Or maybe a party? Fortunately, in this year’s Fortnite: Nightmares Open Invitational, we challenged creators to make islands that are awesome, charming, or both. Check the queue Surprising but fascinatingOn Discover, Fortnite: Nightmares 2022 and discover our favorite map!

Fear is no longer just a concept!

Fortnite Nitemar comes to life

Recently, costumes ugly face and Eternal suffering An item shop appeared. These new costumes are inspired by the concepts created by the March Concept Royale winners: @Dreowings and @kitsnexkitsu! Check out the interview we did with these great talents. In it, Dreo and Kitsu talk about where they got their inspiration from, the backgrounds of the artists, what it means to win Concept Royale and more.

More from v.22.20: Adjusted keyboard diagonal movement

In V.22.20, “Custom Keyboard Diagonal Offset” was added to the Mouse and Keyboard tab. With this new setting, you’ll be able to adjust your character’s diagonal movement to the angle you want.

To enable this option, go to the Mouse and Keyboard tab and change the “Use custom diagonals” option to “On”. Then change the “Front Diagonal Angle” and “Back Diagonal Angle” to the angle you want.

Competition notes

Major bug fixes

  • Reload cards no longer sink when a player falls into water.

  • Players will now be able to see the evolutionary progress of their EvoCromo weapons in competitive playlists.

  • Moving the right analog stick over the controls will no longer result in accidental menu navigation.

  • Fixed an issue on mobile that caused water to float above the ground.

There’s a new threat painting on the island in Fortnite: Nightmares, and it looks like it’s inhabiting a new floor of an evil townhouse… try defeating it to get your mythical weapon! (Probably It’s good to get help.)

Oh, and some wild animal species have disappeared in Fortnite: Nightmares…or have some zombie species adopted them? Or maybe they escaped from a speedboat, which would explain the disappearance of speedboats…

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