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THE Fortnite It finally came back to the iPhone and iPad after the game was banned from the App Store amid a long legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. Now, even though the game is still unavailable in the iOS Store, It is now available through the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming serviceFrom Microsoft. That is, you can play it on a variety of devices, including Apple.

Fortnite (Image: Epic Games / Disclosure)

Microsoft announced on Thursday (5) that it is partnering with Epic Games and Became available Fortnite On Apple devices Through its game streaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

However, this is still not the expected return of many. You can not download the game normally from the Apple App Store, Where it is still banned. Epic Games, on the other hand, avoids the complications of justice right now Fortnite Access is possible through the Safari browser On Xbox Cloud Gaming. This way, it is now possible to play the game, for example, on iPhone and iPad.

In practice, you will only need a Microsoft account linked to an Epic Games account. Like Fortnite It is free, the partnership also guarantees it Customers do not need a paid subscription To play streaming service.

This is the second flaw discovered by Epic Games to bring the game back to Apple’s iOS devices. In January, Nvidia also announced the launch Fortnite In its GeForce Now catalog, though in the testing phase.

In partnership, Epic Games is back with what it says in April 2021. At the time, the developer said it was looking at Microsoft’s game streaming service as a “competitor” to the company itself. The company then justified that it would not add accordingly Fortnite On Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Apple vs Epic Games: Abusive Fees and Fortnite Ban

Developer Fortnite The legal battle against Apple began in 2020, when Epic Games tried to avoid a 30% commission on in-app purchases imposed on the App Store. The result was Ban the popular game from the iOS Store.

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple, accusing the company of violating antitrust laws. Although a California court disagreed with Epic Games’ requirements, the judge asked Apple to give developers more freedom to guide users through payment processes.

შემდეგAfter everything, The process takes two years And Epic made small profits, but Apple showed more advantages in court. However, Fortnite Did not return to the App Store and may not return. After all, the developer shows that he does not need an iOS app store to make the game available on iPhone and iPad.

Is Microsoft buying another battle with Apple?

A Microsoft press release states that Fortnite This will be his first completely free gaming title for the popular cloud gamesBut not the last.

“At Xbox, we want to make games accessible to 3 billion players worldwide, and the Cloud is playing a significant role in that mission,” said Catherine Glucstein, CEO of Xbox Cloud Gaming Product. We just want you to have more choices, both in games and when they play.

Although the partnership really delighted the players Fortnite, In the process, Microsoft may face a classic rivalry with Apple. In addition, the game received an exception on Xbox Cloud Gaming, making it the first free title of the service. Strategy The Legion of Popular Epic game players can learn more about streaming service and possibly choose to subscribe to it.

With info: TechCrunch

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