Forspoken: The new trailer focuses on different moves with magical parkour

A parkour that promises to take the tedium out of the open world

A lot has already been revealed about Forspoken, a title that won’t be out until January 2023. Now The new trailer focuses on the game’s much talked about magical parkourwhich will help the player to overcome Atia’s open world.

The trailer shows off different ways to navigate the game’s vast locations. The first, which will be the first skill, is to run at high speed. This ability’s ally Frey, the main character, can be boosted by using fire magic.

Another way to get through Forspoken regions is through boosted jumps, “covering large areas”. Also, with a kind of semi-water balloon, Frey can float for a short time. While still on the water, it can create a board and navigate at speed on the water.

There are also vertical movements. Zip is like a whip that pushes the hero in any direction. He can climb walls with small jumps and even more jumps in the air.

All of these abilities come at the cost of stamina, except for movement recovery time (something like a cooldown), but these factors can be circumvented by upgrading the parkour skill tree. All of Frey’s magical abilities can be used for park-like swift movement, as well as for evasion and attack moves.

Forspoken Parkour will help you avoid the fatigue that the open world causes

Last month, Square Enix said that it knows that many players have had enough of games with large worlds, and it promises to fix that with this magical parkour.

“Obviously, from our side, we’re keeping an eye on what people are saying about open world and what the general mood is in the industry right now. So we’re aware of people’s sentiments about the genre,” Takefumi said. Terada, Associate – Director of Forspoken.

“Since this is a world built around the idea of ​​magical parkour and using it to its fullest potential, we think it will go a long way in preventing the feeling of fatigue.” Terada. For a game director, magical parkour will help overcome the sense of tedium that comes with open world games.

Forspoken launches on PC and PS5 on January 24, 2023.

Forspoken drops a 10-minute gameplay video that reveals the vast world of Atia

Forspoken drops a 10-minute gameplay video that reveals the vast world of Atia
The title will be released on PC and PS5 in January


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