Forspoken combines magic and parkour to give rhythm to combat

Square Enix revealed some details about the Forspoken battle in a post on the PS Blog. In order for the gameplay to develop quickly, the developers promise to combine the magical abilities of Frey with exploration, parkour and other functions.

Atia will be an open world full of possibilities, and together with Cap, his talking bracelet, the main character will be able to take advantage of the map’s mountainous terrain to reach his goals with ease. In the post, Sony’s Jalen McAllister talks about his experience with the trial version.

Forspoken has a spell selection system and the gameplay is insane

In order to slay the creatures affected by the corruption and threaten Tanta, the evil entity government of Atia, Frey must quickly combine his spells. By mixing in melee attacks with long range, the terrain can also become an ally for finding better gaps and casting spells.

As seen in other Forspoken gameplays, the RPG features a spell selection system similar to Aloy’s tool menu in Horizon Forbidden West. When opening, the action has a brief slowdown, and when choosing the best option, it already takes a normal (and chaotic) rhythm again.

The demo culminates in a boss fight against a modified Quincana with menacing teeth and a tail that requires quick moves to win. This is also a great opportunity to use Sila’s support magic. [uma das Tantas] which summons a wall of fire around Frey.

Frey will have support and attack spells

His powerful attacks won’t always be the best answer, so Frey will have multiple support abilities in Forspoken. By pressing L1 and R1 together, players will be able to use crowd control and then deal more damage to opponents who threaten the hero.

According to McAllister, “It is recommended and necessary to change spells frequently because each spell is tailored against a certain number or type of enemy.” At a certain point in the game, these skills complement each other, making everything more intuitive and your playstyle.

Acquiring new skills in Forspoken

New skills will be learned through multiple quests. By collecting mana, Fray opens up new possibilities, and the player himself will choose the best way to develop his powers.

Collect mana to unlock new spells. Frey’s costume options weren’t shown: each tunic, necklace, and nail color offers a different benefit. Combine them all to create a set of perks that suit your playstyle.

To help you find these resources, several stone belfries will be scattered around the map. These structures scan and mark points of interest on the map. Thus, Frey discovers new tools, shelters and pursues the main objectives of the campaign.

To get to such places indicated by the belfry, the character must use terrain and parkour.

There is a simple and unique pleasure in the flow of parkour. Start by walking in any direction, then press the circle button and start sliding. You can release the button for a few seconds to jump or pan the camera. So even though the valley is huge, moving through it is pleasantly fast.

Forspoken will be released on January 24, 2023. More game details have already been released by Square Enix, check them out here!

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