Forspoken: A new RPG trailer introduces the world of Athia

The game will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC in January next year

This week, the developer Square Enix and Game station released a new trailer abandoned🇧🇷 The new preview shows a bit more of the world There are ten and character Frey Holland In action explores the most diverse locations in the game.

Forspoken: The new trailer focuses on different moves with magical parkour

More than 3 minutes long, the video contains one of the elements that arouses the interest of the players the most: the beauty of the world that lies behind all the cruelty.

In the game, the phenomenon of Rupture was destroying the land, turning people and animals into wild beasts. Thus, as one of the survivors, the main character of the title must explore the vast territory of Atia to discover its secrets and save the people.

“The world of Atia has been ravaged by a corrupting force known as Break, and Frey’s ability to penetrate these ravaged areas unscathed is invaluable to the surviving Atians living on Cipal. Frey has many ways to hold hands. search Way back to New York, including some very interesting points to explore.Describes the official PlayStation channel

Forspoken will alleviate “open world fatigue” with its magical parkour, director says

Activities in Atia

According to Square Enix, the new game has several activities and secrets in Atia. These activities include:


Monuments activities can be found all over the world. These sacred stones still hold some of Tanta’s power, and if Frey can free them from the corruption of the rift, he will be rewarded with a boost to his stats. Each monument offers a different boost – some can give you more health, others can increase defense and magical power.


Some of these monuments have challenges called Flashbacks, which take the player back in time to an earlier point in Athia’s history so that the player can experience how the Break affected the world for the first time.

sources of blessing

These beautiful pools of water are found all over the world and grant Frey a boon that enhances his magical abilities. The player will be healed when they find them, as they are an important way to expand Frei’s abilities, giving her a whole new set of spells to work with in her repertoire.

Magic Challenges

Another way to improve Frey’s magic is through sorcery challenges. Inside Hideouts, which are safe spaces where Frey can rest and craft, the player will find ancient books. These items force the character to use their abilities in different ways, such as doing a certain parkour move multiple times and hitting multiple enemies with a single attack.

Old coins and exchange points

While exploring Atia, users will be able to collect ancient coins that can be found in locked chests or hidden in the corners of landscapes. Coins can be spent at trading points to get valuable items that can improve crafting.

Closed labyrinths

Under the earth, all over the world, locked labyrinths are hidden. It is important to note that they are dangerous to explore – consisting of vast rooms and winding corridors containing valuables, crafting materials and some very dangerous monsters.


In some safe spaces, such as The Shady Tree pub in Cipal, for example, players can try to run Partha. Parths are dice-like objects made of animal bones, and if they land on a symbol, they will give a useful boost to the draw. For example, when rolling a spear, magical abilities will be strengthened, and seeds will give Frey the ability to restore health.

photo points

On Athia’s vast map, players can also find photo spots to get that perfect shot. A character can use parkour to reach these points more easily. In addition, the captured photos can be shown to the surviving children of the destroyed world.

So many family members

Familiars of So Many are magical cats that are usually found hanging around special monuments. These mystical creatures are dirty, so players must be careful when embroidering them. If the player manages to gain their trust, they will move to safe havens, so the player can have fun with them at any time.

Combat challenges

On top of that, the rift that destroyed the Forspoken world transformed its beasts, creating terrifying monsters filled with rage and aggression. But among this menacing zoo are even more corrupt creatures. The enormous scale of the power of these creatures is believable. Thus, having located one of these creatures, the user can look at it at any time.

Forspoken arrives today January 24, 2023 For the cost of PlayStation 5 and PC BRL 349.90 in the base edition on both platforms.

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