Former Diablo 3 producer claims Diablo Immortal only exists because of Activision pressure

Jay Wilson claims developer was treated like a frog in boiling water

The producer of the original version of Diablo 3, which was released in 2012, Jay Wilson recently stated that Blizzard only managed to create Diablo Immortal thanks to constant pressure from Activision. During an appearance at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, he said that after buying the developer, the owner of Call of Duty Insist that he create an action RPG with free-to-play aspects.

Activision’s effect on Blzizard was like a frog in a pot of boiling water; At first it was like nothing. Later, products that were newer and made more money came under enormous pressure to produce them.“, Wilson explained.

according to him Heroes of the Storm suffered greatly from this, as Activision has always pushed Blizzard to emphasize the game’s profitable elements. A former producer claims that while Diablo 3 wasn’t that affected by the publisher, shortly after its release, A lot of pressure in the series for free to playO.

Activision’s pressure didn’t improve Blizzard’s products

Wilson also said that, in his opinion, many of Blizzard’s top executives Left the company to no longer have to deal with publisher pressure. According to him, Activision’s influence helped to increase the frustration of developers, while at the same time that Didn’t collaborate to make better games.

A former producer claims that while he was in development, His goal was to always be fair to customers. “If we were to charge players something (of course – we’re a business), we always wanted to charge what we thought was reasonable. This went directly against Activision’s philosophy“.

Despite this, Wilson made no reference to the controversial Diablo 3 auction house, which was eventually dropped from the game with the arrival of the Reaper of Souls expansion. The latest release in the series is Diablo Immortal, which, however, made it More than 100 million dollars in profitCurrently, it’s getting more attention for its bugs and balance issues than for releasing new content.

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