Former developers of The Last of Us and Days Gone have teamed up to create Studio Liithos

The first game, Ashfall, will have NFT and blockchain

Industry veterans who are united in falsifying their ways by creating new studios are becoming more and more common. What is new is that Michael Mumbauer and John GarwinWho worked on the creation The last of us and the days gone byAccordingly, Now on the market are the heads of a new studio called Liithos.

The studio debut will be with the game AshWhich they define as “the first true Web 3.0 AAA title for PC, console and Hedera network” using a “native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency” called HBAR, Hedera’s virtual currency.

“Ashfall will take players into the battle for survival in a world characterized by global warming, a burning volcano, mysterious energy fields and hostile areas, beginning as a one-game adventure that will be transformed into a cinematic transcript.

The game will be a PvPvE multiplayer with large maps as it shows the concept images of the site and will have blockchain and NFT in some form.

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Liithos protects the use of cryptocurrencies in games

“Our goal is to create a truly next-generation open world experience that incorporates new technologies that enable (create) user-generated content,” Garwin said. “There is little disagreement, in my opinion, about what blockchain might mean for gamers in games. I see blockchain as a trail and the main stations are video games.”

Mumbauer adds: “Other stations all go to the main, these are games, and trains deliver precious cargo (NFT) to players through other stations. This is a way to have a deeper, more engaging experience than we have ever seen before. Earlier players were doing what they already love […]”.

John Garwin has worked for Sony franchises for 25 years as a writer and director. One of the great games was Days Gone and he was also one of the creators of the Siphon Filter series. Michael Mumbauer was on the PlayStation Visual Arts team for 13 years and worked on technologies that revived Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Eli and Joel from The Last of Us.

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It is noteworthy that the risky focus on delivering games related to NFTs and blockchains is the initial goal of the new Liithos studio, even though the gaming community has already strongly rejected similar actions in the industry.


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