Former CD Projekt Red developers found new studio, announce Ninjas online game

Jakub Benn, a former developer at CD Projekt Red, the studio behind The Witcher franchise, has founded a new studio called Dark Passenger. The studio also has other collaborators who have worked on cinematic videos for games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077.

Jakub Behn is the co-founder of the Dark Passenger studio, with Pavel Kuleta as COO and 3D character animator Magdalena Furman. The studio is currently looking for new staff, including a gameplay programmer, technical artist, environment artist, and sound designer.

The studio’s first game is an online multiplayer title set in feudal Japan, built using Unreal Egine 5, and featuring Co-op, PVP and PVE. It tells the story of a conqueror who overthrew the shogun and established a new kingdom.

Our goal is to create exciting online games that focus on both cooperation and competition. We are fascinated by human interactions, alliances, confrontations and unexpected twists.

To make each game unique and surprising, we use many procedural solutions. Although all players have the same goal, each moment requires a change of tactics and a change of path.

According to the studio’s website, players take on the roles of shinobi and kunoichi as they battle the ruler’s minions and other assassins in search of powerful mysterious artifacts. Players have multiple ways to traverse the land, such as running across city rooftops, climbing, and sneaking into shrines and temples. There will also be different social classes for the characters, from simple villagers to nobility and samurai.

There is a character customization system where players can create their own unique characters and change their equipment. A variety of weapons will be available, including katana, tanto and shuriken. Players can also create their own dojo and invite friends to train together.

This is not the first studio founded by former CD Projekt Red employees, which further increases the variety of new projects on the market.

As of now, the game does not yet have a release date or the platforms it will be available on, but the fact that it is being developed in UE 5 could indicate that it will have versions for the PS5 and Xbox series.

The game certainly looks interesting, we can only wait to see if it will be successful.

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