For 2 years, an unknown co-op game is among the top 10 sellers on Steam

Developed and published by a small independent studio called Digital Cybercherries, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed was released in a more discreet early access on PC in 2017, followed by its full version on Switch in January 2020 and a few months later on Steam.

It’s an FPS/TPS with solo or multiplayer options (local or online) in which you play as toys simply fighting waves of other toys. If Hypercharge is anything but a successful game, it took two years to get people talking about it. However, it all happened very quickly, as the game climbed to the 9th place of Steam’s bestsellers in almost a week.

Late success

It’s safe to say that Hypercharge: Unboxed has gone viral on Twitter and created a buzz worthy of top AAA. because? Just a pretty weird marketing strategy. In fact, Digital Cybercherries is about to release their FPS/Toy Story on Xbox, and for that Hypercharge is treating it like it’s not even out yet and like it’s a brand new game.

The recent release of the Steam Deck certainly plays a big part in Hypercharge’s success, as it is compatible and works perfectly with the new Steam support.

Is this just temporary or will the game survive?

It is currently impossible to know if the developers have planned this publicity stunt and this crazy strategy, as they have not yet responded to Kotaku’s interview request and are simply not releasing more information. After all, the Digital Cybercherries team still hasn’t announced a release date for Microsoft’s console, saying they’re constantly being harassed by toxic fans to the point where they’re forced to communicate about it.

Either way, let’s take care of UK indie developers and keep the buzz going until the Xbox release date, because Hypercharge: Unboxed is sure to find its audience. The game should be released on time; But with the nose the developers had for this marketing gimmick, anything is possible.


Still in open beta, the title already had a championship organized by content creators and boasted Justin Wong, a nine-time EVO champion.

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