Football Manager 2023 will have UEFA licenses, will be on Xbox Game Pass and will debut on Playstation

Sports Interactive has announced a new Football Manager release for November 8th. One of the great news in Football Manager 2023 will be the full licensing of all UEFA tournaments, which will show the Champions League with an official logo and name for the first time. Another news is that the game will be released for Playstation for the first time, exclusively for PS5.

The game is a smash hit driveer, a management game where you are in the role of a club manager (and director of football). The successor to Championship Manager, which was first released in 1992 and which we feature in our Gamepedia series. The game is very popular worldwide and is returning to consoles, which should increase its popularity and reach among gamers.

Football Manager 2023 launch trailer

In the last edition, the game was released on Game Pass, the console edition for Xbox, which will be repeated in FM 2023 (and we will show how subscribers of the service can access the game from Brazil), both for Xbox One and. For Xbox Series S|X. The game will launch for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers on day one, November 8th. The game will also be available on Nintendo Switch, in addition to PC of course.

Another important news is that the game will have a version touch, which did not appear in the 2022 edition. The Touch version is aimed at tablets and is simplified compared to the full edition and attracts many players who want a simpler FM game. However, it will be more limited. It will be available on Apple Arcade, the Mountain View giant’s game subscription service, and Switch. Apple Acarde can only be subscribed to branded devices, which significantly limits who can enjoy it.

The mobile version will be available on the Android and Apple platforms, but not in stores in Brazil.

In-game UEFA licenses

The main news for those who play is the licensing of UEFA competitions, including the Champions League, Europa League, Conference League and Super Cup. As with the Bundesliga, pre-match and post-match footage will feature the official competition theme, including scores, logos and lettering.

It will be a more realistic experience that will give the feeling of playing these competitions. Those who played in the FM 2022 German team felt it in the Bundesliga, with official licensing. Sports Interactive also said that more information on how UEFA’s competition licenses will improve the game experience will be released in October.

This is great news for those who love playing European football and playing in these competitions. The sense of immersion will surely increase.

The release will be on November 8th, and like the previous editions, the game is not officially sold in Brazil. But don’t worry: it will be legal to buy in Brazil, and we’ll show you how to do it here.

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