Folha de S.Paulo reports on the Brazilian game Unsighted

On May 5, 2022, Folha de S.Paulo published the good news about the Brazilian game Unsighted and its two developers, Trans Fernanda Diaz and Tian Pixel, from Pixel Punk. A text written by Gustavo Soares interviews the developers and tells us about the origins of the game in Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, but it was not just the most secure information.

“Fernanda and Tian have caught the attention of companies that sponsor and distribute games at the BIG Festival by presenting a version of Unsighted that is still far from ready but incomplete.

As is common in the entertainment industry, studios receive funding to produce their work after presenting a sample of what will be done throughout the production. In cinema this is done with short films. Prototype or demo in video games.

The difference with Studio Pixel Punk was that it thought of the Unsighted prototype as a vertical cut of the game, that is, featuring its basic graphics and gameplay features, but without neglecting minor details such as menus, dialogs, and personalization. Out of account.


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Folha de S.Paulo reports on the Brazilian game Unsighted. Photo: Playing / Twitter

And Folha provides information on the international success of the title: Horizon 5, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, manufactured and distributed by some of the largest companies in the business.

Inequality of resources is reflected not only in the cost of game development, but also in the structure of marketing and game distribution. For example, while an American indie phenomenon like Hollow Knight, which launched in 2017, has nearly 200,000 reviews on Steam, in Valve’s online store, Unsighted has around 650.

What helped make the game popular was its free launch on the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s game subscription service, the platform on which Unsighted played the most (the game is also available for the Nintendo Switch and PS4).

The report on the two developers from Santo Andre differs from the rest of the newspaper, which is usually more superficial. We recommend that you read the text here.

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