Florianópolis is hosting an event for fans of classic games, video games and computers this Saturday

Fans and collectors of vintage games from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s have an event to immerse themselves in this culture and remember video games and computer classics. And what is better: in Santa Catarina.

Paulo Andres and his old video games – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

This is the 10th edition of RetroSC, which takes place this Saturday (5), in Campeche, Florianópolis. An opportunity to interact and negotiate between those obsessed with old games. The event will be held at Assesp (Association of Public Servants of Public Safety of Santa Catarina), from 9 am to 7 pm, promising to gather around 500 people.

The cornerstone of RetroSC was a WhatsApp group created in 2016 by Santa Catarina collectors and retro gaming enthusiasts. Currently, the event has two editions: one with a state tour and at the end of the year in Florianopolis.

Andres among the thousands of old games he has at home – Photo: Leo Munhoz/NDAndres among the thousands of old games he has at home – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

“It is a super special meeting in which we see parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, who remember the equipment they have had throughout their lives or know others”, emphasizes Eduardo Luci, one of the organizers.

Event attendees can view, buy, sell, or trade items. They are collectors, retailers who sell gear, and even developers of new games for older systems. This is the case of 41-year-old Paulo Andres (Amaweks), who will exhibit and sell the games he created.

Graduated in Visual Arts at Udesc (Santa Catarina State University) and a video game enthusiast since the 1980s when he had his first Atari, Andres was a teacher for almost five years, but today he lives on retro gaming. .

“I consider myself more of a game artist than a developer. And it couldn’t be more different, so much so that when I make games I don’t put art aside and connect the two,” he says.

Virgil's Purgatory, one of Andrés' creations - Photo: Leo Munhoz/NDVirgílio’s Purgatory, one of Andrés’ creations – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

“I work as a freelance artist, making graphics for retro games that are for old systems or modern computers, but in the style of the old,” he explains.

“In my spare time I play my projects, always making ‘old style’ games, but with original content, narratives and a dialogue with culture in general, such as literature, film and visual arts,” he adds.

Andres returned to playing in college. At the end of the course, I discovered that there were tools that I wasn’t a programmer to develop games and I started to make the first one: “As Aventuras de Zé Baldinho”, related to Baldinho’s revolution, a project developed in Florianopolis”, Andres recalls.

The game was his graduation project in 2013 and received the highest grade.

Cultural inspirations and folklore in artist-developer games

As a teacher, Andres challenged his classes to develop 11 more games, mostly related to Brazilian folklore, with characters such as Saci-Pererê.

In own projects, more than ten creations. For companies, he lost count. Countless other projects due to lack of time in the drawer. At the moment, Andrés is dedicated to Bruxólico, a game inspired by the folklore of the island, especially in the works of Franklin Cascas and Penina, which he started three years ago.

Bruxólico has references to Franklin Cascaes and his follower, Peninha – Photo: Leo Munhoz/NDBruxólico has references in Franklin Cascas and his follower, Penina – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

In addition to graphics, Andres creates scenery and music. Each creation takes months, sometimes years. “In the 1980s, they were big companies and also took months, but with a team of ten people. Today, we have tools that make it easier. My job is to create inspired by old games like Super Mario, Castlevania, but focus more on the story,” he says. Another criterion is its relationship with literature, cinema or folklore.

He confused Cangacho with German Expressionism

“Devwill is a game I published with silent horror movies, especially German Expressionism and movies like Metropolis and Doctor Who. Caligari’.

There’s also Virgil’s Purgatory, inspired by the story of Cangaccio and Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. My bandit is decapitated, like Lampar and his gang, he falls into purgatory and wants to find himself in his final resting place,” says Andres.

“This will be the biggest edition for that very reason. The last two were online. The big difference in the organization of this meeting is the empowerment and involvement of thousands of enthusiasts from Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, above all for an intense and grand day”, emphasizes the logistics manager of the event and sponsor through Ultravel, Diego de. Oliveira.

Devwill, another game developed by Andres – Photo: Leo Munhoz/NDDevwill, another game developed by Andres – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

In this edition, RetroSC will have the presence of YouTubers such as Eric Fraga from the CosmicEffect channel, the first YouTuber focused on Brazilian retrogaming. The event is free and interested parties only need to bring 1 kg of non-perishable food, which will be donated to Apae (Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptions) in Florianopolis.

A resident of Río Vermello in the north of the island, Andrés, an old game artist, shares his space at home with two pets, thousands of games and 17 different classic video games.

In his free time, he misses the digital adventures that marked and continue the era. On Saturday, he will be a captivating presence at RetroSC, his first post-pandemic edition.

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