Fixing Clay Thompson for his shooting problems? Eliminate his alter ego.

Boston – Clay Thompson may have played his second game of the NBA Finals Sunday in a straight-up shot. His attempts on the field were tilted left and right, short and long.

Knowing that Golden State would need him to be more productive as his series continued with the Celtics, Thompson tried to remind himself that he was good at basketball. So he launched his laptop and looked at old clips of a familiar figure: himself.

“I remember I was in college,” he said, “and when you go through the shooting drop, the video guys put in a great game when everything looked the same and your body worked so well that it was just a ball.” It flows from the tips of your fingers. “

All Thompson needed, he said, was a “Game 6 Klay” search on YouTube, and he had access to various high-profile reminders of his long-distance action. Most recently, he scored 30 points and made 8 of 14 3-point attempts from Golden State in Game 6 last month to win the Memphis Grizzly to close out their Western Conference semifinal series. He also scored well at 41 points in Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, scoring 11 of 18 3-pointers.

“There were very high pressure situations I was in and I finally shot the ball well,” he said. “When you can do it, when your back is against the wall, you can do it at any moment. It’s just a matter of maintaining mental strength. “

If nothing else, Thompson is well acquainted, as he said, with maintaining this mental strength. After missing two full seasons due to injury, his famous return to the finals ended in another round, with his sixth Golden State. But he was clearly disappointed with his efforts in Game 2 against Boston as he threw 4 of 19 pitches and finished with 11 points. Most importantly, he said the Warriors defeated the Celtics to tie the series ahead of Game 3 on Wednesday night in Boston.

“It feels good to win by 4 to 19 and by 20,” Thompson said, referring to Golden State’s 107-88 victory. “I’d rather do it than go to 13 19 and lose 10. I’ve been there and it ‘s never fun.”

On Tuesday, Thompson arrived at a news conference wearing one shoe while he was working on another diaper adjustment. He was, in a way, going on and has been so since January, when he finally got back in shape after a 941-day absence. In the 32 games of the regular season, he took a career low of 38.5 percent in the 3-point range, but he offered his familiar greatness and his simple presence on the perimeter helped create more space for teammates like Stephen Carr.

For Thompson, the playoffs were the same: some good, some good, some bad. Its inconsistency should not be surprising considering how long it had been gone. His left knee and right Achilles tendon have been repaired surgically, so there was always ups and downs as he tried to regain his rhythm and condition. His teammates are not bothered.

“Now that you have seen it, you will think that this series is 50 years on average,” said Karim. “She has a very confident face towards him. That’s the best thing about him. It all depends on the work you do.

On Sunday Thompson had a slightly different appearance. He missed out on his first 10 attempts on the field before scoring 3 points early in the third quarter to give Golden State a 59-52 lead. He clenched his fists, but soon spun around for himself and shook his head.

“When I watched the movie, it probably seemed a little hasty,” he said. “I was not under my blow.”

Although the score was more one-sided, Golden State coach Steve Kerr left Thompson in the game against the Boston Reserves. But instead of showing some confidence, Thompson missed the last four shots.

“I think it just hurts a little bit,” Kerr said. “He just wants to behave well, he gets bad. I’m not particularly bothered by this, as this is not the first time. “Clay has the ability to respond to a mini-drop or whatever you want to call them.”

Thompson thought about this year’s Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. During the first four games of the series, he scored just 29.2 percent from the 3-point range. In Game 5, he scored 32 points and dropped from 16 to 8 of the 3-point range to help eliminate Dallas.

“I went through this process,” he said, “and I finally closed the lid.”

Ahead of Wednesday night’s game against Boston, Kerr said he needed to make sure that Thompson had a good appearance earlier that was in rhythm.

As for studying Thompson’s films – which he is clearly trying to be wary of – Golden State member Draymond Green said he did not support Thompson while watching his old clips on YouTube.

“The reality is that if I did that, we would probably make fun of him,” Green said. “So it’s probably good that I don’t have it.”

To be fair, Thompson has no difficulty staying on his own. On Tuesday, he recalled where he was about a year ago: training in an empty arena with Rick Celebrin, the team’s director of sports medicine and performance.

“To get back here, on this stage,” Thompson said, “you just have to remind yourself to keep working, because being here is a blessing and a real honor.”

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