First impressions of the Saints Row reboot

Several years have passed since the big hits of the series GTA on PlayStation 2 that studio Willpower started first row of saints. What made this 2006 urban sandbox different was that it offered more freedom to complete missions, more chaotic and absurd gameplay elements, and more focus. Gang war. This combination forced the game to find its own space and soon became a franchise.

but Row of Saints 2 again on the same topic Order of Saints: Third More invested in the funny and much lighter narrative than previous chapters. already Row of Saints IV lost all interest in vigilantism and placed the main character as the President of the United States, fighting an alien invasion and gaining superpowers.

The series ended its first decade with an epilogue Gat Out of Hellwhich took the heroes to hell and with a multiplayer derivative Agents of Mayhem which unfortunately did not work. But in 2022, nine years after the franchise’s last major chapter, Volition is bringing back Saints Row. overload.

and deep silverwho publishes the game, invited The Enemy to the United States, St Las Vegas, let’s play about 4 hours of the campaign. My first impressions after playtesting the game can be found below — with some spoilers from the beginning of the game.

Be whoever you want in Santo Ileso

Saints Row Playground is a fictional town in the southwestern United States Saint Harmless and which is inspired by real cities in the region such as Las Vegas. And just like in the previous games, there are three dominant gangs:

  • you marshalsA paramilitary organization well armed with the latest technology;

  • you Panthersa group of Marombeiros who are obsessed with brute force and machines;

  • you idolsA sect of clubbers who wear neon and attack in large packs.

You play as a customizable character dubbed “Უfros“. This boss can be of any nationality or gender – something that has, in a sense, been around since the second game.

Overloading offers quite a few options. You can try this customization now by downloading the demo Boss factory on your console or PC, for free, and then use that character in the game when it launches.

The most interesting thing about customization is that you can change it at almost any stage of the game. If you want to rebuild your doll from scratch every session, you can.

A gangster enterprise

The story takes place in the near future and you start life on your first day on the job as a rookie mercenary in the marshal. This is a basic lesson in shooting mechanics. Essential commands for fighting, dodging, moving, and finishing are presented there.

The meter gives you the occasional chance to finish off an enemy, unlocked by various special executions.

After your first mission, you won’t get the expected cash bonus and you’ll be sent back to your apartment with a driving lesson.

The main character shares an apartment with three other colleagues: Kevin, Eli and Neena. And what they have in common is penniless living and a knack for crime.

After robbing the place with his friends, the main character goes on another job as a marshal to destroy the convoy. A panther gang is involved, and killing these guys puts a strain on his relationship with Neena, who is part of the gang.

However, the success of the mission guarantees you a promotion, which will be given to you by the head of the Marshall Organization himself. Between this job and the next, you also find yourself in conflict with the idols that your friend Kevin has a connection with.

All these tensions explode in Marshall’s next mission, which involves protecting an antique at a social event. Both panthers and idols invade the place on the same night and despite surviving the battle… you fail your job and get fired.

In the midst of all this confusion, Nina and Kevin’s relationship ends with their respective gangs. And, during the rescue mission, the friends realize that they are doing very well and decide to stop working for other criminal groups and create their own gang, the Saints.

Overloading the family

The announcement of Saints Row in 2021 was met with controversy. The Internet reacted badly to the concept trailer that showed the new version of Saints, saying that the sentence was wrong, that the characters did not look like gangsters, that it was a reboot from “Lacration” … and finally. , I think these guys needed to play earlier.

Personally, I found the standard Boss voice that’s in the promotional material a bit annoying, but once I changed the character… the game worked better for me. And everything is fine. You can assemble your doll and make your own game, with your own decision.

That said, this is a comical story. There were times in this opening sequence where the satirical line worked really well for me and times when it didn’t – which made me wonder how it all played out since 4 hours was just a brief introduction to these characters.

The new Saints Row is a return to the roots of the first two games, where gang warfare is the main plot aspect, but it also maintains the lighter tone of the last two. In addition, it is less “crazy” game, but far from realistic.

There are several other parallel activities to do, co-op multiplayer that promises to make for some unusual moments, and dozens of hours of content that I unfortunately didn’t have access to.

Game questions

While the gunplay doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary at first glance, other mechanics like hitting and finishing add more depth to the battles.

Mobility also has its charm. Because the game doesn’t have much of a commitment to realism, the physics allow for much crazier maneuvers, as vehicles and objects are lighter and explode more easily.

However, I felt that the NPCs didn’t respond properly. Despite playing very little with these interactions, some townspeople were immobile in situations they shouldn’t have been. It remains to be hoped that the pre-launch polishing will fix the problem.

The return of urban training games

Saints Row exudes the same energy as old-school urban crime sandboxes – but in a good way. This is a genre that is saturated in the sixth and seventh generations of consoles (PS2, Xbox, PS3 and Xbox 360), but now you will hardly see anything from it, except for updates. GTA online.

By the way, this reboot, when it comes to the balance of cool and stupid, is somewhere in the balance between the last crazy Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto, but it should appeal to the orphans of the franchise. rock star Until the next major game. However, Saints Row has its own flavor, and even though I haven’t seen the entire game, I’m glad the series is back.

Saints Row is slated for release on August 23, 2022 PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|Sand Prachavia the Epic Games Store. And of course, once it’s done, you’ll see a full review here on The Enemy.

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