First impressions of the PSVR 2 are very positive

After the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony also announced PSVR 2 With the promise of bringing an even deeper experience to virtual reality gaming.

After announcing the appearance and features of the device, the Japanese giant held a test session with several journalists and content creators who started sharing their experiences.

One of the most cited points by those who have tried it is the quality and immersion provided by the headphones. “I believe the headset is going to be one of the big evolutions with PSVR,” said Jay Peters. on the edge.

PSVR 2 features Tempest 3D AudioTech, an engine that makes sounds more immersive. In practice, the game’s audio adapts to the player’s movements and position, bringing more realism to the gameplay.

Analysis by Ian Highton Eurogamer emphasizing that “there’s a lot to love about PS VR 2, and there’s almost nothing I can criticize at this point in terms of form and functionality.”

Finally, a report from the YouTube channel Virtual Reality Oasis comments on the structure of the device: “When I first put the headset on, I was immediately impressed by the soft rubber contour around your face, blocking all the light around it. for the first time. that you are completely immersed”.

What’s new in PS VR 2?

screen: With 4K high dynamic range imaging technology and up to 120 fps, dual 2000 x 2040 OLED screens, PS VR 2 can deliver 4x the resolution of PSVR released in 2016. In addition, eye tracking ensures the fidelity of the player’s actions. the game

Audio: O Tempest 3D AudioTech has improved the player experience and brought more immersion to the game. For example, in an FPS, the position of gunfire and explosion sounds will follow the player’s head movement, bringing more realism to the game;

control: PlayStation VR2 Sense will feature haptic feedback technologies and adaptive triggers, just like DualSense. These technologies will allow the player to feel the action and even the scenery around them – something that is well explored. return, where even raindrops could fall on the hero.

O PSVR 2 It will be released in early 2023.

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