First Dwarf, Open World RPG Announced for Switch

Developer Star Drifters has announced that its new game, The first dwarf, an action RPG set in an open fantasy world, is coming to Switch soon. No date has been set yet, but you can watch the announcement trailer above.

In the game, you take on the role of the first dwarf, a mana-powered dwarf who embarks on a journey to find a new home for his people. Battle, construction, research and much more are available.

Check out more details:

The first dwarf is an immersive RPG with building elements where you will test your survival and exploration skills in a fantasy world that includes islands floating in the sky.

The planet Drifland ceased to exist, a war between four different races of mages scattered the earth into floating islands, and the inhabitants turned into barbarian tribes. Amidst the desolation, the dwarves have won, but not for long, as resources run out and a once great civilization takes its last breath. In a desperate attempt to secure the future, powerful airships are sent to the celestial islands in search of materials to save the dwarven kingdom.

Tru is one of them, sent to explore new lands hidden in the clouds and find suitable places to settle. In his quest, he’ll collect resources, build bases, collect mana to fuel his mechanical armor, and battle dangerous threats, build defenses, and engage in battle. But his true quest is to uncover the truth behind his father’s past and the mystery that will shape the future of the dwarven kingdom.


  • Explore the world in mana-powered mechanical armor. Upgrade to unlock new skills that help you discover new places in the vast world above the clouds;
  • Build different structures to protect yourself and create a new home for your people;
  • Fight against all kinds of threats that exist in the wild lands of Drifland: barbarian tribes, wild creatures or even natural disasters. Protect the area and make it more hospitable for dwarves;
  • Unlock the mysterious secrets of the elders in the history of the hero’s family;
  • Play as Ragna The Dragon and help the protagonist explore the Driflands world.

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