Firefly edition for fans of hacked fashion

The Firefly edition of The Last of Us Part I is reaching customers, but many of them do not have product packaging because they were damaged due to lack of adequate protection. The games were sent to carriers in only one paper package.

Many Twitter users shared photos of how the edit made it to their homes. Dissatisfaction with the $100 product is unanimous. They noted that Sony needs to pay more careful attention to the packaging process to avoid possible damage during shipping.

I got The Last of Us Part I Firefly Edition, but I’m very disappointed with the weak PlayStation bundle that caused the damage! Come on, AskPlayStation you need to improve, there was no protective material. People paid a high price for it!

Well, that’s how they delivered my Firefly Edition. I’m not impressed, PlayStation. Who should I contact to replace him? I open it anyway because I should be able to play the game right after launch.

Let’s try this again…

That’s how my $100 Collector’s Edition was delivered by PlayStation. As a collector and huge fan of TLoU, this is extremely disappointing.

Customers contacted PlayStation Direct support to request an exchange, but they did not offer this option due to lack of stock, only a “coupon for 20% off next game purchase”.

Firefly edition of The Last of Us Part I sold for high prices

The search for Firefly Edition is skyrocketing. In the US, it takes a few minutes to restock before it runs out again. Therefore, scalpers take advantage of the product’s scarcity to sell it for six times the original price.

Ads on eBay show units for $600, and some fans have given up on the option due to the lack of an option at official retailers. Brazilians were also left without the option to purchase the package – the product was not available here on the official website.

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