Find out what is the biggest game leak in all of history

in the world gamesreality leaking Usually a little more pronounced, given that all materials are produced digitally, in computer graphics and part of the files can be accessed by hackers and thus stolen.

Apart from these ways of obtaining privileged information, even if illegal, there are other means by which information about the media ends up being leaked, after all, it is all run by people and as such they are prone to error.

A leak has no shape or size. Sometimes they can only be related to the name, setting, small information, production images, in short, infinity.

On the one hand, there is a community that celebrates new information hitting the web; But on the other hand, there will be angry people, after all, the anticipation and surprise of the content produced is lost.

In this context, the impacts surrounding a spill also have a different scale, as the material produced is outside of production control. This, in turn, can affect the product in the market, especially considering that a large part of the public only cares about the final product and may not even be concerned about situations like this because they can be simple. marketing instead of the leak itself.

Among the few leaks, there are some that are definitely getting a lot of attention. The latest of these was regarding new “Grand Theft Auto 6” images. O game remains one of the most anticipated of the new generation, as for years fans of the franchise have begged and begged Rockstar for new information.

However, part of the company’s production policy is to keep its projects secret until it finds a certain moment to finally reveal it.

It happened that from one moment to another, about 90 test sections game They spread it on the Internet. The situation has forced Rockstar to come out publicly and confirm that the images are true and that the game has not undergone any changes in the timeline.

Besides this whole situation involving the upcoming “GTA 6”, one of the games The most famous and award-winning games, “The Last of Us Part II”, also revealed some of its history and information about the game.

The situation was a huge blow to Naughty Dog, which suffered from a divided audience following the reveal of the franchise’s main character. The entire ad campaign was affected by the leak as the first Trailer It contained several altered scenes to maintain secrets and surprises, a tactic used quite often in theatrical releases.

In addition, we also have the case of the Elden Ring, which has suffered some leaks gameplay and visual as these excerpts were revealed. The story here largely depended on how the producer handled the situation, apart from how the leaks and their content came out. Fortunately, this did not affect the game too negatively, as the situation even served as motivation. agitation Many who were already waiting game.

The “Assassin’s Creed” saga has also experienced several leaks. Things happened specifically with “Unity” and “Black Flag”. Everyone should remember the problematic game of the French Revolution.

While its release was tumultuous, so was its production as its title, setting and protagonist were leaked. It is known that the story was leaked in the conversation of the plane. Soon the information spread.

In a case involving Black Flag, it is known that in a discussion on Reddit, a situation occurred between a user and a woman who was working on a PowerPoint presentation, and she ended up mentioning the following: “Assassin’s Creed 4? black flags”.

After some time, the game will be released as “Black Flag” in the title; We soon saw that nothing much had changed there, but fans of the franchise already had what they expected from the said situation.

These are just a few of the most common cases of leaks that have occurred gamesAnd their effects, as we have already mentioned, can be many, depending on their origin and their content.

In addition to these stories, “Far Cry 6” has experienced several leaks in its production, as well as “Street Fighter”, which experienced leaks about its classic characters getting a new look.

There are also situations where Capcom ends up leaking them from time to time gamesAnd that usually includes announcements of upcoming projects and titles, as was the case recently with “Resident Evil 4 Remake,” when it was rumored that the game was in production, but the company only confirmed it some time later. However, the release date of “Resident Evil: Village” was known before the official news.

Among all these situations, it is certain that leaks are generally situations with negative characteristics. Therefore, from the moment of the start of production, until the ideal opportunity for information to reach the public through the company’s official channels, any direct intervention in these situations can negatively affect the project.

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