Find out now why the console was so successful

O PlayStation 1 It was launched in 1994 and became an instant success games; This was the beginning of Sony’s long and long journey in the market. If you had the privilege of owning one of these console units in the 1990s, you most likely came across the Demo One.

For those of you who don’t know what Demo One is about, it was the disc that brought demos/samples of various games and introduced news to the industry. you games The collection brought with it the PS1’s 3D graphics, which would be a departure from the 2D previously created by Sega and Nintendo. Such technology irreversibly revolutionized the world of video games.

Demo One received many variations at the time depending on the release in many countries. Copies were different in each region, with versions aimed specifically at Asia, some for Europe and some for the Americas. Sony has made many updates to the feature over the years, both in the opening sequence on the console and the external aesthetics of the disc itself, and you can find different color versions.

During the existence of the demo one also appeared Technical demo, with a technical demo on PS1. Among them, perhaps the most famous was T-Rex, which allowed the player to control a dinosaur, in addition to checking the technological development achieved at the time.

For many, his introduction to the world of gaming and modern 3D came through Demo One, which marked a generation that was ushering in major technological developments in the console realm. The loadout in the original PlayStation demo certainly exudes an air of great nostalgia that still lingers in the minds of many gamers today.

Nowadays, with all the resources we have in new consoles, it’s interesting and even ironic to consider the fact that back in the day, with so much less technological resources, the emotional load was similar or greater than it is today. After that, Demo One went down in history, causing deep emotions in those who had the opportunity to enjoy it.

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