Final Fantasy XVI will not be ethnically diverse as it is set in medieval Europe

“The story we’re telling is fantastic, but it’s rooted in reality.”

Final Fantasy XVI will be the franchise’s return to the medieval era, something that hasn’t happened since Final Fantasy IX for the PS1 among major titles. Set in medieval Europe, The game follows historical, cultural, political and anthropological patterns, including the prevailing ethnicity of the place and time, even though it is a fantasy game.

When asked by IGN about the game’s diversity, whether we’d see black characters, or even other ethnicities (non-white in general), producer Naoki Yoshida said “that’s a tough question,” though he expected it. “The answer I have has to be disappointing to some, depending on individual expectations,” said the Final Fantasy XVI producer.

“From the earliest stages of development, our design concept has always been based on medieval Europe, combining the historical, cultural, political and anthropological patterns that prevailed at the time,” explains Yoshida.

“When we decided on the context that best suited the story we wanted to tell, the story of a land surrounded by plague, we felt that instead of creating something on a global scale, we needed to limit the scope to one land. One that is geographically and culturally isolated from the rest of the world in an age without airplanes, television and telephones,” said the producer.

Final Fantasy XVI isn’t just about fantasy

He goes on to say that Final Fantasy XVI tells a fantasy story, but is inspired by a real region, based on the patterns of the place and the specific historical period that actually took place.

“Ultimately, we felt that while it was important to include ethnic diversity in Valistea, ‘over-connecting’ this part of the much larger universe would ultimately violate the narrative boundaries we had originally set. The story we are telling is fantastic. …, but these roots are in reality,” explains Yoshida.

He also says he wants to show who people are, “people who are complex and diverse in their natures, contexts, beliefs, personalities and motivations.” “People whose stories we can relate to. There’s diversity in Valisthea. Diversity that’s not too inclusive, synergizes with the story we’ve created, and matches the inspirations,” adds the game’s producer.

Final Fantasy XVI is promised for the middle of next year for PS5, at the moment, and should get a release date later this year.

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