Final Fantasy XVI: The Power of Oil and Nuclear Weapons

Even though we are still a year away from running Final Fantasy XVI, The new chapter of the franchise of one of the most popular video games has already aroused great expectations among fans. With a more mature story, the title should get the recommended age rating for people over the age of 17, and we are slowly realizing the reasons for this.

Credit: Publicity / Square Enix

In addition to describing the game as the most ambitious in the series, producer Naoki Yoshida told GameSpot that the story discusses the clash of values ​​and ideals that occurs when we unite different people. It often makes us wonder what is right or wrong that will lead us to dominance.

In the world Final Fantasy XVI, Called Valistea, are dominated by humans who can summon and control monsters known as icons. The story revolves around these callers and the power they own, where it talks about how they view society and what they think is right for it.

According to Yoshida, the player “will focus on this motivation and struggle and then delve deeper into the darker topics when it comes to how people should live,” and then asked, “People should live the life of their choice or fight.” To be freed from such a fate? ”

However, this will be the first chapter of the main series to receive such a high age rating as the other two labeled Mature, Final Fantasy Type-0 This is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, They were just spin-offs.

Credit: Publicity / Square Enix

However, Yoshida wanted to make it clear that this does not mean they are looking for more violent experiences or nude scenes. The need was aroused by the story they wanted to tell, and two details revealed in an interview with Famitsu magazine help illustrate their point.

“Different nations in the world of Valistea were built on mother crystals,” the manufacturer explained. Ether flows from the mother crystals and this is where the countries are formed. From there, according to the rules of each country, icons are formed into dominants and this lasts for generations. “Icons are used in a similar way to modern nuclear weapons.”

Yoshida also said that with the drying of mother crystals, it causes countries to go to war, each of them wanting more energy for themselves. Conflicts end, leading to the use of icons that form the basis of a conspiracy that puts us in the role of Clive, the grandson of the Archduke Rosary, but who has not been given the right to control the icon that serves as God for his people in Phoenix. With the privilege of his younger brother Joshua, the protagonist feels inferior.

Yoshida’s interview also shed light on a significant portion of the trailer released by Square Enix Final Fantasy XVI. In it, in addition to the fact that several icons are fighting with each other, a certain relevance is given to the famous figure of the series, Ifrit. Apparently, this will be one of the main quests of the game, because according to the rules of the Valistea nations, each element can be represented only by an icon, but since the phoenix is ​​already associated with fire, what will be the role of ifrit in history?

About this the producer preferred to remain secret and said that in search of revenge Clive will enter a mission in which he hunts for a mysterious dark icon that will put him in front of several obstacles.

As for the summon, I mean Icons, so far, we have confirmation that in addition to Ifrite and Phoenix, Final Fantasy XVI There will still be Shiva, Bahamas, Titan, Odin, Ramuh and Garuda. It is likely that others will still join this list, and I have no doubt that there is still a periodic call hidden by Valistea in the title.

And while talking about the game world, Naoki Yoshid revealed that unlike what has become standard in modern RPGs, FF16 This will not happen in the open world. According to him, this intention is to deliver adventures that give a sense of global scale, players will be able to “jump” from one precinct to another.

Credit: Publicity / Square Enix

Because there will be six kingdoms in the game, this choice of design forces the story not to happen in just one huge region. For those who prefer titles to explore large spaces, this may seem like a no-brainer, but I believe these small regions will still give us the idea of ​​being in an open world. Now, if we just walk through the corridors of Square Enix, as has happened in some chapters of the series, then the claims are worth it.

However, in this regard I only make assumptions and at least admit that I have not been so excited about the new for so long. Final fantasy. Aside from the prospective war between the Eikons, this more mature approach to the story could lead to one of the franchise’s best chapters. I just hope all these expectations are met.

Source: Eurogamer

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