Final Fantasy XVI: Open World will take 15 years to create; Struggle to please young people with action

producer Final Fantasy XVINaoki Yoshida has stated that the reason the game doesn’t have an open world is that it will take a decade and a half to create.

In a new interview in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (VGC), Yoshida explained that he felt other elements were more important to him in determining what made a game. Final Fantasy And that trying to make it open world beyond everything would be a step too far.

“When I first played Final Fantasy“I thought, ‘This is a movie-like gaming experience,'” Yoshida explained. “The production, the dialogue timing, the drama, the sound all combine to create the ultimate gaming experience. Once a Chocobo or Moogle was involved, I thought it was a great experience. Final Fantasy. This gaming experience should also be felt Final Fantasy XVI”. In addition, it is necessary to understand the general outline of game design, taking into account the strengths of the team itself. When I thought about it, I thought, “I don’t think an open world fits what we’re planning right now.”

Listing the project’s main goals, Yoshida said: “I want a story about a hero who saves the world, because that’s Final Fantasy. I want to be summoned to go crazy and destroy the map. I want to release this game as soon as possible. I can’t release this game in parts. ” In considering these four main points, I find it practically impossible to ask for everything. If we had about 15 years of development, we might have a chance to use ourselves in the open world. [risos]. After all, it is almost impossible in terms of time and cost to create a global story in an open world. “

Yoshida also talked about the fight being designed for the younger generation.

“I come from a generation that grew up with commandos and turn-based RPGs,” Yoshida said. “I think I understand how exciting and immersive it can be. On the other hand, over the past decade, I’ve seen a lot of opinions that say, “I don’t understand the appeal of command selection in video games.” This sentiment is only growing, especially with younger audiences who don’t typically play RPGs.

“For multiple generations of consoles, all character expressions can be done in real time. Actions like “press a trigger and your character fires a weapon” and “press a button and your character swings a sword” can now be easily expressed without going through the command system. Now it’s common for players younger than me to love these games. As a result, it doesn’t seem to make sense to go through a command line like ‘Battle’ to make decisions during battle,” he explains.

“This is not an argument about what is good or bad, but there is a difference based on player preferences and age. Also, there is a big difference between a command system and a rotation-based system, and these are often confused, but they are two different concepts.” He added that “RPGs evolved from tabletop RPGs, and I think gaming RPGs were invented by replacing tabletop discussions with commands in video games.”

“That said, I believe I know the fun of command system RPGs and want to continue developing them, but I’ve been thinking about the expected sales. Final Fantasy XVI And the impact we have to deliver. I would sometimes say that it would be nice if the development team explored new options and the system was only half-full and reworked multiple times as a result. It’s the same feeling as not using an open world: if you have a good idea, you should go for it, but if you feel differently and think, ‘It’s better not to have a command system,’ I don’t care.”

“Therefore, I think the following is definitely possible Final Fantasy Also use the command system again, i.e. open world game. However, at this stage, if we are going to develop it, Final Fantasy XVI It will be,” he explains.

Final Fantasy XVI Coming in 2023 for PS5.

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