Final Fantasy XVI New Trailer

New trailer Final Fantasy XVI Released today by Square Enix. See below.

As revealed in the new trailer, the land of Valistea is apparently dying as its crystals slowly disappear. The narration reads: “Darkness spreads as day gives way to twilight, Mother’s flame almost flickers now. We cannot live without the blessings of the crystals.”

The trailer goes on to highlight the various kingdoms, each with their own theme: the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, a “bastion of tradition”; The Holy Empire of Sunbrack, “Where Ambition Is Divine”; the Republic of Dalmatia, “where fortunes change with the sands of the desert”; The Iron Kingdom, “studded with faith and fear”; and the kingdom of Valoed, “unruly in its isolation.”

As previously revealed by Square Enix, each kingdom has its own summon, or “Eicon.” The icon of the rosary is the phoenix. The trailer hints at a major war between the various realms as they fight to “gain the dim light” of the crystals.

Both Clive and Joshua appear in the trailer, with Joshua once again summoning the Phoenix while Clive explores something called “The Deadlands” with a few other members of the group. As in the previous trailer, the Eikons play an important role. In addition to Ifrit, the end of the trailer shows a mysterious tapestry with numerous summons.

Final Fantasy XVI Coming in Brazil Winter 2023 for PS5.

Update: Two new character profiles have also been released (via Gematsu).

Dion Lesage

Final Fantasy XVI

Crown Prince of the Sunbrack Holy Empire and leader of its most noble and feared order of knights, the Dragons. Dion is loved and respected by both his people and his troops, especially because of the number of times he has turned the battle in his favor. Indeed, songs of the heroism of the warrior prince and his ekon Bahamut, king of dragons, are never far from the lips and lute of Sanbrequa bards. But all is not well in the Empire, and the accumulated shadows may still be enough to drown out Bahamut’s light…

Barnabas Thurmr

Final Fantasy XVI

Wandering the banks of the Ash, as a landless and nameless wanderer, Barnabas’s skill with the knife won the kingdom. And while the local beasts rebelled against his rule, Barnabas summoned the might of his Aekon, Odin, to quell their rebellions almost single-handedly, bringing the entire eastern continent under Valoder’s banner. Now he has an army and a navy to rival any in Valistea, but the King gravitates to where the battles are most intense – riding into battle on his spectral staff and slashing enemies with his legendary black blade, or simply watching as it unfolds. Chaos outside, always a terrible glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

2nd update: Developer Announcements (via the PS Blog).

The war rages and Valistea enters its twilight years. Where will fate lead the dominants? And what will be the future of the kingdom after this bitter conflict ends? There are still many unanswered questions and many truths to be discovered.

As for development, the team has already passed the most intensive part and entered the final stretch, now focusing on fixing bugs, tweaking, polishing and optimization.

We’ll be back soon with more information about the world of Final Fantasy XVI! For now, enjoy the new trailer and new character announcements.

– Naoki Yoshida


Our third trailer is finally out, and it’s full of incredible information that takes a closer look at how the game’s setting, story, and characters interact with our immersive narrative. Hope it was worth the wait!

As the game nears completion, the team has turned its full attention to bug fixes and final tweaks. Now, when everything comes together, the game becomes something special.

We know you’re dying to know more, but we hope this brief look at the world of Final Fantasy XVI is enough to keep everyone satisfied and (of course) theorizing until our next big reveal.

– Hiroshi Takai

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