Final Fantasy XVI marks a change in the franchise

Final Fantasy XVI Director, Hiroshi Takai proved a significant change from previous games in the franchise.

An indicative classification that traditionally has always been there “teenager”This time it looks like this “mature”Which confirms the creative team’s intention to create a more mature narrative.

“In the early stages of development, we decided not to tell a juvenile story. Some of the key considerations included the age range of players that we hope to form our core audience, and also that we have an increased ability to express things in multiple senses of the word. You say it’s a more “violent” direction – but the point here is that we didn’t just want an extreme understanding. We wanted to make it look more realistic and natural.

announced IGN🇧🇷

“The world of Final Fantasy XVI was ravaged by endless wars between nations, so we had to include battle scenes. And if a character doesn’t bleed after being stabbed with a sword, it’s rendered unnaturally modern by graphical capabilities – creating an even stronger dissonance. I’m sure the franchise will continue to portray things realistically.”

Who claims your dimming light? A single spark ignites the earth. A new shadow appears beneath the dominants and paints their fate as black as night.

1,500 years have passed since the fall of our ancestors, and Valistea has been slowly dying ever since. Darkness spreads as day gives way to twilight, Mother’s flame now nothing more than a flicker. And when that disappears, people turn to magic crystals.

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We do know that the release window is confirmed for the North American summer of next year, between May and August, which is a temporary PlayStation 5 exclusive.

what is this game about

As for the narration, Final Fantasy XVI Let’s follow Clive’s journey from his teenage years to his late thirties. In other words, it’s a very long saga.

Either way, the game won’t feature an open world, an element that’s become popular in major industry titles.

Instead, the team chose independent areas to explore.

“We have a game design based on independent areas that can give the player a better sense of a truly global scale.

Another important detail is that there are no plans for an expansion or any kind of additional story content. an idea Square Enix is to launch it as a complete experience.

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