FIFA 23: Worth it?

Dear FIFA 23,

I lived through all the emotions of his younger brothers after FIFA International Soccer when I was 4-5 years old. From Gianco Tiano to Cristiano Ronaldo. From Mega Drive to PlayStation 5. How many memories! From FIFA 97’s Futsal, FIFA World Cup 98, FIFA 99’s opening song… even FIFA 18’s El Tornado, FIFA 19’s La Croqueta, FIFA 20’s timed shot.

In 2023, exactly three decades from now, you will no longer have this name. So this year is special. From this Friday (30), when its standard version reaches millions of virtual football fans around the world, a kind of countdown begins. You know that story about making the most of every moment? You, FIFA 23 is about that.

This is probably the most realistic football game that EA Sports has (and please don’t change that in the first major update). You still have your flaws, mistakes, of course. There has never been a perfect FIFA – and there will never be a flawless EA Sports FC. But within your idiosyncrasies, you are the final whistle for a title won after a long run of championships.

And the feeling is one thing: it was worth it. As (almost) always.

HyperMotion 2 variations

For example, when its developers announced HyperMotion in FIFA 22, everyone was excited. And it was really interesting to see the real picture of the movement translated on the field. Then came the evolution of technology. Clean up in the first few minutes of the game. There are some relevant gameplay changes and very cool new animations.

HyperMotion 2 makes FIFA 23 more realistic (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

When a defender throws his hands back for a shot, a winger makes a pass to claim the ball, or a team moves to the side where the play is going, I even smile a little. Those who love football and have long complained that their brothers were too focused on dribbling and unrealistic things, will probably feel quite satisfied.

But, once again, you are making a mistake. I understand that FIFA’s development cycle is not the greatest and that it must be very difficult to improve everything in one year. Let’s appreciate what has evolved. Passing and finishing, for example – despite that super-powerful shot that’s sneaky as hell.

Your cadence is excellent. Those who want to use faster players can do so, those who want more tiki-taka… It’s just disappointing that the air ball was never the same as it was for example from FIFA 14 to FIFA 17. . However, when we weigh everything up, there are many options to explore.

FIFA 23 has fun, immersion and a variety of modes (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
FIFA 23 has fun, immersion and a variety of modes (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

But like every year, it has a purpose. Balls are once again quite dangerous, and the new defense system, which is less automatic (unless you have very good defenders), requires double attention. Many times the ball goes through the middle of an easy defense and because the goalkeepers are bad…

4×3, 5×4 and so on are quite common. And no, this is unreal in football. This is your main criticism, new FIFA. A goal is the greatest moment in sports, but keep calm! And a lot of it happens because there is a chronic steering problem. They have not performed their tactical functions as well as they should for years.

Anyone who understands football knows what a fundamental position is for the modern game. In marking, or in the construction of plays. He is last in defense and first in creating offense. Translating this would be essential for realism, but FIFA 23 lacks a lot here – especially on the defensive side.

Women's football is another highlight of FIFA 23 (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Women’s football is another highlight of FIFA 23 (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

It’s common to see midfielders just hanging around the middle and then letting the opposing midfielders and forwards do whatever they want. Then you have to go around the guards or try to manually move the area heads to where they should be. Not to mention ineffective disarmament, which is nothing new.

The final atmosphere of the championship

If you’re not perfect on the pitch, off it… FIFA 23, from the game modes to the settings, is an immersive experience. More realistic pitches, better ball and player physics, swinging nets, crowd singing, new scenes Pre-Game, Career Immersion, UT ‘Attitude’, Pro Clubs Fun…

Moments breathe new life into FUT (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Moments breathe new life into FUT (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

In short, you look good in the new generation. Well-polished graphics, super-realistic faces and a championship-ending atmosphere throughout the game. It’s always exciting to score at the end and see those wonderful special celebrations! And of course it’s proportionally sad when it’s against my team. EA promised the most realistic environment in the series and delivered.

In terms of adapting for a Brazilian audience, you are a double-edged sword. The location is perfect. Menus, narration, comments, names of dishes. But licensing… Brazilian teams are even in the game, including some in Conmebol Libertadores, but all with generic players.

Even our six-time world champion team (anyone who isn’t confident is crazy!). Anyway, after the World Cup mode (those who don’t worry are crazy!) this aspect will be improved. But overall, as expected, it’s still a cold shower.

Ted Lasso was a great shot in FIFA 23 (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Ted Lasso was a great shot in FIFA 23 (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

In terms of modes, it is worth highlighting the career with a new attribute system, authentic technicians, an updated menu and the inclusion of AFC Richmond and Ted Lasso, from the series of the same name, which is successful on Apple TV+. and FUT, with a new chemistry system that allows for a greater mix of players in your squad and moments that have short goals and good rewards. Despite, of course, extremely continued payment profit.

Connectivity should also be considered. For a first-timer with Crossplay, it won’t disappoint. Matches are easy to find, and in about a week of many hours, there have been no issues with crashes or crashes. It would be even better if it had Pro Clubs, a mode that requires as many people as possible to be online. Speaking of which, the integration with VOLTA was a huge success!

And with FIFA 23, you bring women’s football into the spotlight like never before in history. From game covers featuring Chelsea’s Sam Carey to the fully licensed English Super League. By pressing a specific movement of female athletes and even promising a regime for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Very interesting!

FIFA 23: Worth it?

So fifinha… we started our last dance here. With good first impressions, football as realistic as possible and looking forward to an epic year with two World Cups and a lot of content in Ultimate Team.

“It’s the same game every year” fan complains about you. Who just likes running and dribbling. But those who know you from other carnivals – 30 years, to be exact – will have the feeling that you live in the last year, with successes and mistakes, forever, you know?

Enjoy FIFA 23!  (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Enjoy FIFA 23! (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

And also with the expectation that after the foundation laid in FIFA 22 and the evolution of FIFA 23, EA Sports FC will be born even more realistic, with more licenses, incredible atmosphere and improved play, especially in midfield.

Finally, thanks for all this history and may we, you and us, the millions and millions of players, build many memories over the next few months. And may be the last dance with samba – as in this simulation.

With love,


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