FIFA 23 will fix a detail that has been bothering players for a long time

Credit: Reproduction / EA Sports

The release of FIFA 23, the latest installment of the popular EA Sports game named after the world’s biggest football organization, is nearing and trailers have been flooding your community with all the major news of the new game in the franchise for the past few weeks.

With time and growing excitement for the title’s release, fans are keeping tabs on every revealed detail and waiting to try out every new feature that will be in the game, no matter how small.

For many members of the community, the small details that bring realism to various elements of the game, especially playing within four lines, are the most important factors to look for when announcing a new FIFA.

In fact, the gameplay of the latest editions of the franchise is the main reason for discussion in the community and criticism of many users of EA Sports. For these users, for example, FIFA 22 presented one of the best gameplays among recent editions during its launch, however, after several updates, the game completely changed the gameplay, which made it uncomfortable for older FIFA fans.

And perhaps in thinking about this style of player, EA Sports paid attention to a small detail that has bothered many players throughout the FIFA franchise, and this news may have gone unnoticed by many fans of the game.

In the FIFA 23 gameplay news trailer released earlier this month, the company proudly revealed that Left-handed players will eventually dribble with their left foot. Before FIFA 22, even the best left-handed players in world football, such as Riyad Mahrez, Salah, Messi and Di Maria, dribbled with their right foot, which makes no sense because the player rarely used the opposite foot. Even managing the ball in real football.

You can check the focus made by the company in detail 10 minutes and 7 seconds (10:07) From the trailer below:

Despite its small size, this innovation took longer than it should have and was one of the points that detracted from the realism of FIFA’s gameplay. At least one of the comments made by the gaming purist community has been answered.

For more traditional fans, the FIFA franchise still has a lot to improve, however, at least in the aspect presented, FIFA 23 will be better than its predecessors.

FIFA 23 is scheduled to launch today September 30 from this year PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, stadium and Pracha. EA Sports is providing three-day early access to the game for those who purchase the game Ultimate Edition or subscribe EA Play.

Recently, EA Sports also introduced the main news about Career Mode in FIFA 23 in a trailer. You can check the list 10 teams will play in FIFA 23 Career Mode Once released, click here.

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