FIFA 23 will bring back loot boxes, and EA Sports is defending the practice

The FUT card packs are part of a series that “players love,” according to the developer.

While EA Sports is preparing several new features for the Ultimate Team mode in their latest FIFA development, one aspect of the experience will remain: loot boxes. Sold as athlete packs, they were Defended as an “integral part” of the series in the final season In a statement sent to Eurogamer by the developer.

We sincerely believe that the Ultimate Team and FUT packs, which have been part of the game for over a decade, are the part of FIFA that players love – fans love that the game reflects real-world emotions and the strategy of building and managing. team,” said the company, which it deemed “fair” Give the community the opportunity to spend by purchasing packages.

EA Sports is stepping it up Packages can be purchased for free, including through the new points earned from the FUT Moments mode. The company’s protection of loot boxes is natural given the importance they have to its revenues: in fiscal year 2020 alone, they Generated nearly $1.5 billion in sales For the developer, the number has only grown since then.

EA claims that most open packs are unpaid

In the same message sent to Eurogamer, the company said that only one A small portion of your community spends money on FUT packs. He explains that in FIFA 22, 9 out of 10 packs that were opened were simply bought by the game.

Although the packs offered by the series have random elements, as FIFA 21 Electronic Arts allows players See the results of your purchases before investing in them. The company’s target with loot boxes are players it calls “whales,” who, while they make up a small portion of the consumer base, Known for spending sums that easily exceed the base game’s own value.

FIFA 23 promises the most realistic matchday experience in history

FIFA 23 promises the most realistic matchday experience in history
The game features redesigned crowds, a new lighting system, and more realistic grids

The permanence of loot boxes in FIFA 23 is due to a recent decision by the UK government, in a region that generates one of the largest audiences for the series. but Local politicians have even considered banning loot boxes – on the example of Belgium and the Netherlands – the developer had the last guarantees that the new legislation in this regard It should not be on the agenda in the nearest future.


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Source: Eurogamer, PC Gamer


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