FIFA 23, the new Need for Speed ​​and Skate may be officially unveiled in July

Electronic Arts must bet on a different format from EA Play to submit its releases

While it’s omitted from the traditional announcements that gaming companies usually make in June, Electronic Arts is already preparing to announce the news of the major releases of 2022. Sources heard on the Exputer website say the company needs to implement this period July Official announcements FIFA 23 And new ones Skateboard And Need for Speed.

The car has previously reported that the new Skate will be re-introduced next month, but it looks like The company decided to expand its advertising space. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but insider Tom Henderson said. This should happen in the second half of next month.

Electronic Arts will not return bets on the EA Play Live format, having previously said it would only reveal its games.When they were ready“. However, we must assume that the company produces Several small ads individuallyNo big digital presentation bets covering all your projects.

Need for Speed ​​promises to change direction

Among the games produced by the company, the new Need for Speed ​​is the one that is shrouded in mystery. This was confirmed by previous rumors The title should take on a visual style reminiscent of Japanese animationsMixing photorealistic elements with stylized visual effects.

The title must be a Open world with a system of “meetings”, In which players will gather to start races in different parts of the map. Exputer also says that while much is still unclear about the new game, a few rumors point to it. It may officially become known as Need for Speed: Unbound.

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FIFA 23 should be the main novelty Union of Women’s Football Leagues – Until now, only women’s teams were available. The latest edition of the partnership between Electronic Arts and FIFA should also bring Faithful reproduction of the Qatar World Cup And include crossplay features that are already being tested in FIFA 22.

finally, Skate 4 promises to surprise the public by presenting the project at a much more advanced stage of development than expected. According to the forecast, all the games presented by the company will be accompanied by dates, which will help to create a rich calendar of releases by the end of this year.


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Source: Exuter


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