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FIFA 23 arrives in early access this Tuesday (27) and brings some major new gameplay features. With HyperMotion 2 technology, EA recorded the entire team in two matches to reproduce the movements more faithfully, in addition to changing important aspects such as standards and ball strikes. There are also more “aesthetic” points, such as the effect of the ball hitting, for example, the net, but which increases the immersion in matches.

O TechTudo Already testing the game, below are some of the key changes, in addition to first impressions of the new FIFA 23 gameplay. We remind you that the game will be officially released on September 30, with versions for PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S and PC, as well as PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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FIFA 23 has significant gameplay changes; See prints — Photo: Disclosure/EA

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Corners, free kicks and penalties change in different editions of FIFA, and this is when the innovation comes to every set. Where in previous games the player had an overhead view and the ability to choose where to throw the ball, now the view from behind the player returns, with technical details that determine how the player will catch the ball.

At first, you may notice that these moments are still important in the game, as the way of hitting becomes more intuitive and dangerous moves come out more easily. Even so, the series still requires some training and technical knowledge of the game, as was the case with FIFA 22. However, important points are returned, such as timing the penalty kick, choosing the location of the ball that the player wants to hit. , among others.

Corners, free kicks and penalties now have new kicking standards — Photo: Reproduction/Yuri Hildebrand

In FIFA 22, it was almost impossible to catch the speaker after the ball. Now, depending on the defender used, this race is (theoretically) fairer and the user can choose to melee mark or even an extended basket to get to the opponent. Also, standard FIFA difficulty follows and this is another aspect that will take some time for the player to master.

Many goals were scored by both sides in the first matches during the Tests. Goalkeepers seem to have slower reactions, especially in 1v1 situations. In addition, in some situations, jumping is also delayed, which is explained by a new detail that aims to be more faithful to the reality of matches: if there is a player in front of the goalkeeper, the same “does not see” the ball. quickly.

Labeling is still hard by default, but it has new features and can sometimes be random — Photo: Reproduction / Yuri Hildebrand

Finally, the fluidity of the attacks is worth noting. The plays are “overworked” and at some points a light touch of the left analog trigger by the attacker is enough to beat the defense and score a goal. Shots, if taken correctly, also have a different power (something enhanced by the new response of the nets, which gives a different flavor when scoring a goal).

Differences between Power Shot and Kick

As mentioned above, kicks seem to have different power in FIFA 23. EA has actually paid special attention to this, which is even more evident when the replays show data such as goal chances, ball speed and more. If the player drives full lane, he will probably miss the goal, but with a little less power, he will score a big goal (and depending on the situation, the goalkeeper will get it).

In addition, there is Power Shot, a novelty that allows you to score more goals in the new FIFA. If in previous editions the combination of L1 + R1 (LB + RB, on Xbox) gave a dry and low shot, now the player uses the command to enter slow motion, which allows loading the shot to score a goal, in addition to aiming more precisely at the direction of the ball. This is a precious second that can lead to a very easy shot, but if done well, lead to some very beautiful shots.

FIFA 23 allows plenty of goals with power shots in addition to Power Shots – Photo: Reproduction / Yuri Hildebrand

The technology behind FIFA 22 has evolved into the new game. EA recorded two matches, one for men and one for women, bringing full teams in addition to coaches and referees. These captures, along with AI responses to movements, have made the game much more tactically embedded, such as respecting the lines drawn in settings, in addition to bringing more fidelity to the interactions between players on the pitch.

In practice, this led to a very reduced play in midfield, except for a few different responses, such as the goalkeeper being covered by other players or the movement of athletes, for example in the corner. This ends up creating some spaces and can make it easier for attackers to defend, but at the same time it leaves players less mechanical on the pitch, functioning more as a team and less as individual pieces.

HyperMotion 2 revealed two 11v11 match captures to make movements more realistic — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Finally, 5 changes

What has been missing from the franchise’s last two games since the pandemic has been the change from three to five substitutions, a decision defended by the world’s major leagues and adopted by FIFA in official competitions. Although in place in real life since mid-2020, the new rule did not apply to FIFA 21 and FIFA 22, which only allowed three exchanges per game in available tournaments, including fully licensed ones. Now it’s possible to enjoy three stops where you have the right to make more changes and better manage the team, which is very interesting for those who like career and tournament mode, for example.

Some new features enhance the match experience in FIFA 23. EA did a better job with the fans reacting to the moments of the match, as well as a new cinematic before and during the match that gets the player in the mood. at different stadiums. Boca Juniors vs River Plate in Bombonera, for example, shows the narrow streets in a simulation of the La Boca district of Buenos Aires, with fans arriving at the scene of the game. The same thing happens (as before) in the European matches, with the outside areas of the arenas depicted in very interesting new cutscenes.

Boca Juniors fans party in the streets of La Boca — Photo: Reproduction/Yuri Hildebrand

On the pitch, EA has worked hard on the impact of the ball in the net, transforming it from a 2D look to a 3D object that actually moves with more intensity. However, the scoring experience gets a differential with the addition of camera effects, DualSense haptic feedback on PS5 and crowd blasting.

This redesigned physical response in the net has also gained importance in the gameplay itself, as goalkeepers perceive the impact of the ball differently. The fingers of the hand bend, depending on the force, and if possible, the ball can even hit the goal with a very strong shot. The direction of the ball when blocked by a defender also follows a more realistic path, resulting in a variety of deflections throughout the game.

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