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FIFA 23, which will be released on September 30, will be exciting news for the VOLTA and Pro Clubs modes, both focused on multiplayer. While the “new FIFA Street” took on a more arcade feel in FIFA 22, it will now have Pro Clubs integration. Aimed at up to 11v11 online matches, the mode will allow you to use the same avatar with all the items purchased in VOLTA (outside of the uniform, of course), including tattoos, hair and more.

There are also mini-games available in both game modes to increase your score Overall players and the same goes for VOLTA’s game options. EA also promised improvements matchmaking, the presence of HyperMotion 2 in matches, among other moments. See below for more details on the integration and presence of the modes in the next game in the franchise. As a reminder, the title will be released on September 30 for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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FIFA 23 will offer integration between VOLTA mode and Pro Clubs – Photo: Disclosure / EA

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The big news is a closer relationship between the two game modes. The intention to make VOLTA more focused on online multiplayer was already very evident in FIFA 22, when EA removed several game options from the “street”, including Arcade for online matches, each with its own player. There, the athletes also “lost” their positions, gaining qualities that were used in all forms of VOLTA. Pro Clubs, on the other hand, followed its traditional proposition without many changes, being used in a competitive scenario, among others.

Now, this integration will allow sharing of avatars, items, and above all, points. The player progresses through both Pro Clubs and VOLTA, earning points in both minigames and traditional matches or even Skill Games, an exercise that earns XP for those who don’t have a lot of time to play. At the end of the matches, it will also be possible to see the best profile of the game and their scores, which is common in multiplayer games.

FIFA 23 ditches the idea of ​​a multiplayer VOLTA mode once and for all, which was already on the way in the 2022 version of the game — Photo: Disclosure / EA

Street mode will also have its own new features, such as the VOLTA Stadium, with more space and bigger goals, which should result in matches with more elastic scoring. a new skill is coming signature, which allows for high jumps and head, bicycle and other aerial kicks. Follow me anyway benefitsPerks earned during matches that grant specific upgrades, in addition to VOLTA Arcades, with minigames that are also worth points in Pro Clubs.

This mode, in turn, will improve dropped, classic or golden goal extra time options, a new scoring system in matches, among other examples. Shorter games are also promised, as are kit setups, stadiums and other factors. The suggestion is to reduce the time matchmaking And also the wait for the player, which can be quite long when choosing a mode. A very negative point is the absence crossplay Here, which arrived for 1v1 games in both Season and Ultimate Team modes, including friendlies.

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