FIFA 23 is better in every way, but still doesn’t live up to the annual model of the series; g1 played | games

“FIFA 23” is better than the previous edition in all respects. The matches are more realistic and timed, the passing control is more decisive and some new features help the main game modes.

For all that, the game still doesn’t live up to the annual release model of a sports franchise – and could be the perfect release for a change of plans.

In this Out this Friday (30) for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Switch, Stadia (which will stop functioning in 2023) and computers This is the latest partnership between the developer, EA and FIFA to use the brand.

In doing so, it’s a worthy send-off for the series title — but it could also be a departure from a plan that for decades has asked the public to shell out hundreds of dollars each year for a handful of improvements.

The insistence on taking 200 to 300 R$ per year is, or at least should be, much worse than the absence of team players and the Brazilian national team.

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Owners of the new generation of consoles or computers will enjoy the best “new” in “FIFA 23”. The Hypermotion 2 system improves on what was already good in “Fifa 22” and makes the control of passes even more responsive and decisive during the game.

The main result is that the match becomes more cadence and realistic, with well-thought-out moves that are less dependent on the individual speed of some athletes.

This also leads to a change in defense strategy. While they don’t suffer from running after attackers, defenders should benefit more from controlling spaces and avoiding bolder tackles that allow for clever touches in the vacuum created.

Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT), EA’s main breadwinner with the franchise and the biggest attraction for a large part of the public (who likes to spend more money every year), changes the attribute of chemistry between athletes to something simpler and much less. disapointed.

It might not seem like much, but being able to understand the system right away and being less annoyed with each new card that doesn’t exactly fit your needs is a huge step forward.

The mode also offers some challenges for users to get rewards without investing so much money. Of course, those with deep pockets will still have a big advantage, but it’s nice to see that the developer has given the community more options.

Career mode and Volta are somewhat left aside – another testament to FUT’s size in the big picture. Street soccer is still fun, but the creation of a player or coach could have been a little more creative on the part of the company.

Mbappe at ‘Fifa 23’ — Photo: Disclosure

The developer has already announced that the series will be called “EA Sports FC” from 2023 – although it’s hard to imagine fans will stop calling it “FIFA” any time soon.

The company also claims that this will be the biggest change and that the public should not worry, but will benefit the competition a bit.

Well, Konami’s rival “eFootball” was an absolute failure. But it can help EA better evaluate strategic redirection.

The reality of games like “Fortnite” or “Call of duty: Warzone” already shows that you don’t need to pay for each title to make a profit.

Sporadic upgrades and improvements can be made in the long run and collected with FUT cards or cosmetics. Without a direct competitor, the developer has the space and peace to give his audience that breath.

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