FIFA 23 gets first official gameplay and reveals exclusive features for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

EA Sports promises some tweaks and updates that will make the game even better

EA Sports released this Wednesday (27). The first official video showing FIFA 23 gameplay. Over 11 minutes long, it explains questions like HyperMotion 2 technologyThe title’s attack and defense systems and the performance of each player’s goalkeeping and unique skills.

All the features presented are based on what the versions will offer PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and Pracha Game that are updated with their most modern features. While the title will also be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Versions for these platforms are considered “legacy” — that is, they keep the same gameplay as the previous chapters, accompanied by teams with updated rosters and uniforms.

According to EA Sports, HyperMotion 2 technology provides even more realistic player movements for FIFA 23. The title brings something new called “Technical Dribbling”, which uses the Active Touch system from previous chapters to more intelligently calculate the path taken by the player – in practice, it should be. Make dribbling while experienced athletes move, more responsive.

FIFA 23 promises more natural dribbling

Another novelty of the sequence is the possibility of performing A More dribbling just by using the left stick of the controller. In practice, the effectiveness of the commands will depend on the ball control and dribbling statistics of the selected virtual player – to counter dribbling, The company introduced the ML-Jockey systemwhich relies on artificial intelligence to give defenders the proper positions to control the ball.

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FIFA 23 also debuts the system hurry upwhich creates different player archetypes that give a A wider range of field running behaviors. The game also promises new types of interaction between goalkeepers and forwards, ensuring that defenders are more reliable in risky situations.

Finally, FIFA 23 promises to bring unprecedented fun to all its versions, as well as New free kick system and more skills for players. This year, this title also promises women’s teams, enriched by the arrival of teams participating in the European Super League.

EA Sports offers you on its official blog Detailed information about the changes it brings to FIFA 23 And how do you hope it will be a better game. The title, which marks the end of the partnership between the developer and FIFA, has officially hit stores. on September 30 of this year.


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Source: Eurogamer, Electronic Arts


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