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FIFA 23 will have Ultimate Team, the famous FUT, redesigned for the new season. The game mode will have new features that include both team building, which will have a direct impact on how to increase chemistry between players, as well as new game options, especially in single player. to arrive crossplay There is also an interesting change that should reduce matchmakingAs well as new icons and recently retired heroes that will appear in Ultimate Team.

EA is also promising more elements to customize stadiums and even holiday themes throughout the year. Check below for more details on FUT in FIFA 23. Notably, the game will be released on September 30 for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

🎮 FIFA 23 will have crossplay, gameplay changes and two World Cups

FIFA 23 will have a new Chemistry system between players and new gameplay – Photo: Disclosure / EA

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EA has revamped the Team Chemistry system in FIFA 23. Now it is no longer necessary to select players according to their positions and combine them according to the lines in each formation. Users can, for example, have three forwards from different countries and leagues in a 4-3-3 system with maximum chemistry, which is not possible in recent editions. This is made possible by suppressing the logic of connections between close positions, and promises a more intuitive and less punishing assembly.

During the mode’s presentation to the press, EA confirmed that some positions ended up being excluded from their relationships in the previous system. Two full-backs on the same team, for example, would not constitute team chemistry, even though in real life, the chemistry between them makes all the difference.

With new FIFA changes, it’s easier to build chemistry in Ultimate Team — Photo: Disclosure / EA

There are now three tiers in the issue, which are determined by the number of players with a certain relationship on the team. If you add two athletes from the same club, for example, the first chemistry score will already be filled. As for leagues and nationalities, three equal athletes are required to add one point in the overall category.

With the changes, each player must have the full three points to reach their full potential, and not necessarily have other connected athletes nearby. Another point that makes it much easier is to end the negative effect when changing positions, which allows you to use a makeshift player without damaging the chemistry of the team. It is still possible to change its origin function to independently improve the chemistry.

In FIFA 23, adding players from one team to a FUT squad increases the level of chemistry — Photo: Disclosure / EA

Icons and Heroes, a classic yet newly named category in international football, also play an important role in this new system. Where until now pieces only contributed to chemistry, now they have a maximum level when in the right position, but also match two players by league and nationality.

EA took the opportunity to introduce the first available heroes: Ricardo Carvalho, Park Ji-sung and Yaya Toure. It should be remembered that rumors also indicate the presence of several national football stars among icons such as Zico and Jairzinho among others.

FUT highlights, stadiums and more

Another news that is attracting attention is the new gameplay option, FUT Moments. According to EA, this is a solution for those who don’t have a lot of time to play full matches or complete the Squad Building Challenge to develop their squads. The idea is reminiscent of the game mode in previous editions of FIFA, which featured previews of real matches with historic moments, such as a last-minute comeback or a tie that was only played in half of the second half.

Arenas and stadiums in FIFA 23 will be customizable with lighting, colors, roofs and even crowd angles — Photo: Disclosure / EA

Bringing it to the final team, the idea is to combine these moments into your team. EA’s example was the ‘Rise of MbappĂ©’ event, which highlights a key goal scored by Monaco early in his career. You go into the middle of the match and you have to repeat what the athlete did and you can repeat it as many times as you need. The proposal allows for faster and more direct gameplay to earn points and progress in FUT.

In addition, there are also innovations related to the stadiums, which allow the arenas to be customized with the lighting of the team’s colors, add different coverage, in addition to having new crowd chants, music and among other examples. EA has also guaranteed memorable themes throughout the season, including generic items and special cards, as has been the case in other editions of FIFA.

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