FIFA 23 can rely on the DLC for the introduction of the World Cup

The 2022 calendar goes into the second half and that means rumors of FIFA 23 could come up more often. Recent speculation suggests that the game will have World Cup DLC, but not in online career mode.

Information shared by “Donk“, A well-known source for the gaming community on Twitter. He suggests that World Cup content contains both men’s and women’s selection options. He later also tweeted a review of what would be in the title.

FIFA 23 World Cup:

  • It will be through DLC as before.
  • Women and Men World Cup.

It may be the last World Cup mode due to the new branding of the game [EA Sports FC] next year.

FIFA 23 News Summary:

  • Crossplay only in the new generation;
  • Crossplay in all game modes;
  • Crossplay transfer market [cartas com preços iguais em todas as plataformas];
  • World Cup mode is back;
  • J-League (Japanese League) will be removed;
  • Shooting new animations;
  • The next generation of computer games.
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FIFA 23 may not have an online career mode

Already “FUTZone“Another disclosure suggests that FIFA 23 may not have online career options. In a post on Twitter, he says the regime is in production and EA has even discussed its implementation, but he does not believe there will be a time – maybe just at EA Sports FC, with a “big revelation”.

The first tweet – As I understand it, EA was planning to release an online career mode at FIFA 23. They do not believe it. [o modo] Before that it will be fully ready [lançamento] And delay to EA FC 24 for great exposure. There are many features that they must add.

The second tweet – [O modo] Is in the process of processing. I can confirm that.

Finally, it’s worth remembering The above information is a rumor and should be taken with caution. What do you think about the potential new features of FIFA 23? Comment below!

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