FIFA 23 anticheat issues are lowering the game’s ratings on Steam

Players are also complaining about performance issues and bugs in the new version of the series

Officially launching this Friday (30) on all platforms, FIFA 23 is not well received on Steam. Thanks to persistent problems with the new anticheat system adopted by Electronic Arts, the game has a Average rating “slightly negative” — Multiple review results from buyers who cannot access the game.

The most persistent problem arises from the fact that when loading the game, Many players have come across a message saying that the anti-cheat system has failed to connect to your servers. Even when Steam or Origin (required launcher for the game) is restarted, the problem recurs.

Anyone who manages to beat this stage and get into the game complains of performance issues and There are many reports that the anticheat system consumes up to 30% of the CPU resources used. Among the suggested solutions for the FIFA 23 issue is Open Origin with administrator privileges And only after that start running the game on the Valve platform.

FIFA 23 has been criticized for its performance

Other common criticisms of FIFA 23 include Overall game performance, which seems to have problems even on machines well above its recommended requirements. Players complain that In addition, the game is not responsiveCutscenes play at insufficient frames per second.

many problems Listed after the game was released in Early Access, which happened on September 27. Electronic Arts says it’s already looking into the reports and working on a fix, but for now, He has not made an official announcement about his future plans.

on computers, The highlight of FIFA 23 is bringing the visuals and gameplay parity of its versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.. One of the main innovations in the game is the HyperMotion 2 system, which promises players more realistic movements and reactions that are quite faithful to what can be seen on real football pitches.

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