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FIFA 22 will soon have a crossplay between the PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia. EA Sports officially announced this Monday (2) that it will be testing the game in online matches. Initially, users will be able to compete with opponents from other platforms in two modes: Friendly Online, with the ability to invite friends from another console, and online seasons. At this time, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One players will not have access to the functionality. It should be noted that the game is one of the free titles for PS Plus subscribers in May and may be released soon on Xbox Game Pass on EA Play. See below how to enable and test the new feature in FIFA 22.

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FIFA 22 will have a crossplay in the testing phase; See how to turn it on – Photo: Disclosure / EA Games

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According to EA Sports, the tests will only be used in Friendly and Seasons modes to reduce the chances of new errors being introduced in FIFA 22. In addition, the developer reports that public feedback on testing these two modes will suffice. To improve functioning. To advance the lives of players, even before crossroads became available, EA Sports has already prepared a guide on how the platform works.

When the crossplay comes out, it will be available in the FIFA 22 main menu, as shown in the image published by EA:

Players will be able to easily activate crossplay mode – Photo: Disclosure / EA Sports

So to enable crossplay, just click on the R2 (LT) button in the menu to access the functionality. If the customer does not want to participate in the tests, just leave this option off.

In addition, the developer also informed that players will have control over the desired format of the opponents match by the crossplay included. To play with friends on other platforms, the user will need to activate the feature and add a colleague. When everything is ready, it will be possible to choose him in the formation of the match.

Matchmaking will be configurable on the FIFA 22 crossplay platform – Photo: Reproduction / EA Sports

So far, EA Sports has not disclosed when exactly these new performance tests will begin. The developer reassures the public and informs them that crossplay mechanics will not affect their game in any way.

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