FIFA 22 update includes new dribbling; See how to do it

Low or medium power shots are more accurate in the new patch

Game update Number 14 from FIFA 22 Now available for players. with him electronic art New dribbling is added to the game, Ball Roll Cut 180 or Came in with a 180º cut, in Portuguese, as well as some changes in the attack and defense game. Check below how to perform the new move that is now available in the latest patch FIFA.

Ball Roll Cut 180

According to EA’s own description of the new move, it should perform Ball Roll Cut 180 A player is needed Skill Move Rating 4 or 5 stars, that is, a high level in this attribute. To perform standard controls, users must:

  • Hold L1/LB (PlayStation/Xbox) and then move the right analog stick in the opposite direction to where the ball carrier is facing and, still holding L1/LB, repeat the stick movement a second time.

Below, a demonstration video of the movement, which is also called “Modric Skill Move”in honor of Number 10 jersey of Real Madrid.

increase accuracy

Another major change in game play was the change to low and medium power shots. According to and, these types of shots will now be more accurate than before. This will fix the less consistent behavior in this type of shots compared to others.

The developer said exactly what he expected “See about a 17.5% increase in accuracy for low direct hits where the shot is not marked at close range”.

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The images below illustrate what and Wait for a new change of beats. The first is the scenarios before patch 14 and the second is what is expected with patch 14. In both cases, a sample of 100 hits is shown in which Black lines mean target hitson Green lines scored goals In this scenario and Red is the goalkeeper’s defense. For more information about game update number 14, check out this link.


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Source: EA Games


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