Far Cry 6 will win the Game of the Year award despite receiving several awards

The new version of the game may come with DLCs that have not yet been announced by Ubisoft

Despite being nominated in several categories in awards such as BAFTA Awards, NAVGTR Awards and Game Awards, Far Cry 6 didn’t become a game known for its awards. However, that won’t stop Ubisoft from releasing new ones Game of the Year editionwhich was recently revealed by the Xbox Store database.

It seems that the nomenclature will be used by the developer Point out that the new bundle will bring you the full game experience with a single purchase. According to an image posted by @Alumia_Italia, the new version of Far Cry 6 will include its expansions, Battle Pass and all the bonuses offered by the company in the past — And maybe some unpublished content.

Although such releases are not uncommon, Many are wondering why Ubisoft decided to use the nomenclature “Game of the Year”. in your shooting experience. Although well received by critics, Far Cry 6 is not known for winning many awards in 2021 — as indicated on the Push Square website, only BGR This is professional education They were also considered “game of the year” in internal awards.

A new version of Far Cry 6 is coming soon

The nomenclature chosen by Ubisoft is also noteworthy to deviate from the traditional way in which a developer distributes its titles. For example, the Assassin’s Creed series preferred to identify its full versions by name. final (bringing all content already released) or gold (The base game with its base DLC included).

Far Cry 6 already has editions with these nomenclatures, Opens up the possibility that the Game of the Year version will bring new content to players. The game has already been accepted Three DLC packs Announced by the developer, as well as A A series of special events inspired by shows like Stranger Things and Rambo.

The game tells the story of a country dominated by an authoritarian dictator who exploits the local population while selling a miracle drug to foreign nations. Starring Jean Carlos EspositoThe title is now available in versions PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S and Pracha — To date, Ubisoft has not officially commented on the new version found in Microsoft’s database.

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Skull and Bones: Ubisoft is pushing back the game until March 2023
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