Fans shout: Sega, postpone Sonic Frontiers!

There was a time when a company could advertise a title, show its gameplay to a select group of people, and stop thinking about public reaction until the game hit stores. However, social networks give everyone a voice, it is already impossible and Sonic Frontiers Maybe this will be a wonderful example of how fans can influence the project.

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Announced in May 2021, the game puts aside the 2D game to introduce us to a huge open world. Adventures in the Starfall Islands, the promise was that hedgehogs could explore different biomes while collecting rings, gliding along trails, solving puzzles, and facing a wide variety of enemies.

Emerged as the most revolutionary game in the franchise! Sonic Frontiers Attracted the attention of the most optimistic, meanwhile, a huge flea behind the ear attracted many who saw the cruelty already committed against the character.

However, curiosity was growing about what Sega was going to do, hoping that Morio Kishimoto would get it right. Which was also headed Sonic Colors, Sonic Lost World And Sonic forcesWould a game designer be able to create a good open world game?

The answer to this question started a few days ago, when, in partnership with a Japanese publisher, IGN’s website posted a video where we can see a seven-minute gameplay. With him we have a sense of what to expect from the game and the public acceptance was far from what Sega wanted.

Soon after the video was released, what appeared on the social network was a big claim. From the emptiness of the universe to the small fluidity of animations, some people have begun to advocate that at the current stage Sonic Frontiers Does not look much better than a technical demo.

With a title expected to be released in 2022 for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X, fans have launched a campaign. #DelaySonicFrontiers On Twitter. In addition to asking for a postponement of the game until it gets a better finish, we can also see a lot of criticism and jokes through the hashtag.

Already youtuber Sam Procrastinates, who maintains the channel dedicated to Sonic, has managed to synthesize the feelings of many people who did not like the show. Describing himself as one of the character’s biggest fans, he said the gameplay Sonic Frontiers Did not convince and went further.

“I am concerned about this video Sonic Frontiers“, – argued Sam. “I was excited, I have been waiting for this for five years and I am not happy. I’m pretty much “I’ve been through this before.” If that’s the case for Sonic for the next ten years, then we’re in trouble. “

The problem was exacerbated when, two days after the first video was released, IGN released another one in which we see how the battles will work in the new game. Realizing that the title needed correction in the most varied aspects, the attacks intensified.

Even physics Sonic Frontiers Much lower than we had Sonic Adventure 2. In the game released in 2001, the character would only be able to climb if he had the necessary momentum and speed, because in this game, which is still in development, we just have to touch the gauge to follow Sonic to the end. Of the route.

But despite all these postponements, will the screaming lovers have any effect? What gives some hope to those who are afraid of pointless gaming is how Sega and Paramount Pictures handle claims about a character’s first glance. Sonic: The Movie. After “a lot of grumbling on Twitter”, the public managed to just make a joke about “Ugly Sonic”, the review of the character led to a very funny movie.

However, there are those who believe they are doing the same Sonic Frontiers It will not be so easy as much of the criticism comes from the structure of the game. Procrastination, then, is not just about correcting mistakes or hitting the visuals, but also overhauling a large part of the title.

An important detail is that the title should have been released in 2021, thus taking advantage of the celebration of the character’s 30th anniversary. Be that as it may, for those on the other side, without pressure from shareholders or without orders from top executives and dealing with excesses, it would be best to postpone the game indefinitely, which is what Kishimoto and his team need. Delivery time, best product.

The next few months will show just how impressed the fans’ petitions are, but just like most who were thrilled when they first saw it. Hedgehog Sonic Working on a mega drive, now my expectations for this new adventure are very close to zero.

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